Given the long run of bleak economic news we’ve all endured these past few years, a flip of the calendar is just what the doctor ordered to get out of a rut of stale, survival-mode thinking when it comes to your business.

So capitalize on the energy, enthusiasm and optimism a new year naturally generates within your company.  You don’t have to make any resolutions; just leverage these bright ideas to get poised for a fantastic 2011.


If you’re looking for fresh, creative ideas to re-energize your company, try a brainstorming session with a maximum of 20 participants from a variety of departments.  Appoint a facilitator to lead the session and remind participants to suspend criticism, build on others’ ideas and postpone evaluation.  Then, develop a list of questions, idea-starters or challenge scenarios to keep your efforts focused and productive, such as: 

  • What do our customers want or need this year? 
  • Tell me what words or phrases describe how we’re different from the competition.
  • Think of as many new ways as you can to use our products and/or services.

Revisit your branding. 

Sure, advertising is a great way to increase your business.  But is the look and feel of your advertising – its brand personality – in line with your goals for 2011?  If you’re not convinced, get together with your marketing team.  Make sure that your branding concept reflects the main benefit your products and/or services deliver; your advertising tone reflects who you are (and want to be) as a company; and the overall visual design of your marketing materials reflects the main benefit you deliver.

Develop a new strategic alliance. 

Start the New Year by aligning forces with a complementary business that will allow you to do even more for your customers – and your company.  When evaluating prospective opportunities, look for a business that can: 

  • Help you innovate new products or services;
  • Improve your technological sophistication or customer service;
  • Shorten employees’ learning curves or provide new skills training;
  • Save you money or make you more financially stable;
  • Improve or simplify your supply chain.

Nurture your best clients and prospects. 

If your company is like most, a large share of your business comes from a relatively small number of relationships.  So if you haven’t already, identify your best clients and referral sources as well as your top prospects for 2011.  Create action plans to:

  • Retain top customers.  Find out what you’re doing right.  Ask what you could improve upon.  Let them know how much you appreciate their business.
  • Maximize the potential of your existing clients.  Find out what more you can do for them.  Ask how you can help them overcome challenges or simplify their jobs.  Help them identify upcoming needs for your products or services.
  • Keep in regular touch with key prospects.  Instead of focusing on selling, find ways to help them be more successful or do their job better.  Position yourself as a problem-solver and resource who will be ready to help when they need you.

Snelling Staffing Services wants to help you have a more successful, prosperous and fulfilling 2011.  Please contact us to find out how our strategic workforce solutions can turn your annual goals into reality.