Have you ever been curious about temporary employment, but never registered because of what you’ve heard?

Have you ever considered contacting a staffing recruiter about direct employment, but shied away because you thought you’d have to pay a fee?

If so, please keep reading.  In today’s post, I dispel some of the biggest myths surrounding the staffing industry:

Myth #1:  Staffing services charge applicants fees. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Staffing services like Snelling do not charge candidates any fees to be placed in temporary, contract or direct positions.

Myth #2:  Staffing services only offer the jobs nobody else wants. In reality, today’s staffing firms place individuals at all levels, in virtually every industry.  Whether you’re a senior-level executive, a home health care professional, a software developer, a janitor or an executive assistant, there’s a staffing service out there with great-paying job opportunities for you.

Myth #3:  Once a temp, always a temp. Many temporary employees enjoy the freedom, control and flexibility temporary work provides – and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  If you are looking for direct employment, however, temporary and contract positions often lead to direct employment.  An employer who is impressed by your job performance can make arrangements with the staffing service to hire you directly.  It’s up to you whether or not to accept such an offer.

My advice is that if you’re looking for a “permanent” job, always give your best effort while on assignment – no matter how short it is.  When a client company needs to hire, a temporary employee who knows the job and demonstrates a strong work ethic is a natural choice.

Myth #4:  Staffing services do not offer benefits. This just isn’t true.  Most temporary agencies provide access to medical benefits, allowing you to pay into a plan each week.  Furthermore, after you’ve worked a certain number of hours, you may be eligible for vacation and holiday pay.  Some staffing firms even pay bonuses if you refer a candidate and they are able to place or assign him/her.  In addition to all these benefits, you may be able to take advantage of free skills training through your staffing service.  Contact local agencies directly to find out more about the benefits they offer.

Myth #5:  Temporary assignments never last long. The truth is, duration greatly varies with temporary assignments – from as short as a day, to as long as several months.  While assignment may start out short-term, they can be extended and sometimes transitioned into direct opportunities.  Case in point:  I personally know a marketing professional who:

  • registered with a staffing service back in the mid-90’s;
  • accepted a two-week assignment the very next day;
  • was offered a full-time, direct position with the employer at the end of those two weeks;
  • is still working for that employer today, all these years later.

I hope this information helps “set the record straight” when it comes to our industry.  More importantly, I hope it has removed any hesitation you may have about working with Snelling Staffing Services.  The truth is, Snelling connects great people with leading employers throughout the United States.  Search job opportunities or contact your local Snelling office today.