“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

When it comes to landing an interview, connections can make all the difference.  Fortunately, social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have made it fast, easy and free to connect with potential employers from coast to coast.  Are you using these sites to your advantage?

If you’re new to the world of social networking, or are simply looking for fresh ways to enhance your career prospects, here are a few tips to turn your profiles into powerful career-building tools:

Choose the right sites for your career goals. If you’re not sure where to start, browse the different “networks” provided by major sites, to determine which have areas that match your needs and interests.

Critically examine your existing profiles; build new ones carefully. Once you’ve decided to use social media for professional purposes, make sure your profiles are up to professional standards.  Carefully review profiles from a potential employer’s standpoint, to ensure that:

  • all pictures are appropriate;
  • all information you list, especially about your work history, is accurate, up-to-date and reflects positively on others (especially former employers);
  • hobbies and interests listed don’t conflict with your career aspirations;
  • “friends” aren’t posting inappropriate comments where potential employers could view them.

Maximize the value of these sites.  Beyond developing profiles and searching posted jobs, here are a few more ideas to help you get the most from your social media networking efforts:

  • Send a note or e-mail letting all your contacts know you’re looking for work.
  • Ask for introductions.  Browse your connections’ connections.  If they know people at companies where you’d like to work, request an introduction.
  • Update your status frequently.  This keeps the fact that you’re job searching top-of-mind with your connections.
  • Post content, links and news relevant to your industry, to demonstrate that you stay on top of changes in your field.
  • Manage your privacy settings.  Use the technology these sites offer to control what potential employers can learn about you.  As a rule of thumb, assume that everything you post is public – unless you explicitly designate otherwise.
  • Garner recommendations.  If you’ve done a great job for someone, ask them to recommend you or refer you to potential employers.
  • Remember that the Internet has a long memory.  What you posted two years ago could impact your job search efforts 10 years from now.

Snelling Staffing Services – The Right People to Know When You’re Looking for Work

Social media can play an important part in your job search, but nothing replaces the personal and professional connections you’ll make when you work with Snelling Staffing Services.  We have hometown roots in the market we serve and maintain relationships with leading employers across the nation.

From chemical engineers to clerks, warehouse workers to data warehousing specialists, we help people just like you make the connections that create career success.  Contact your local Snelling office today.