Do you “know your stuff” when it comes to staffing?

Find out by taking this quick 5-question online quiz from the American Staffing Association.  It tests your knowledge of how staffing employees stack up against the traditional workforce and how they view their jobs.  As you take the quiz, you can even learn how your answers compare to other HR professionals across the country.

If you want to brush up on your staffing knowledge before taking the quiz, here are a few relevant facts and statistics from the American Staffing Association:

  • While most surveys show that only 60% of U. S. workers are satisfied with their jobs, a recent ASA survey found that more than 70% of staffing employees were extremely or very satisfied with their jobs.  Furthermore, 88% said they would refer a friend or relative to work as a temporary or contract employee.
  • The fastest staffing industry growth is occurring in professional and technical occupations, where sales have already exceeded traditional “commercial” staffing.
  • According to an ASA survey of more than 13,000 staffing employees, 74% of these workers have at least some college education, compared with 62% of the traditional work force.
  • The same study showed that nearly one-quarter of temporary and contract employees surveyed indicated little or no interest in a permanent job.  They mentioned flexible work time, choice of assignments and time for family as reasons they preferred working with staffing firms.
  • Conversely, getting a permanent job is by far the most important reason that staffing employees choose temporary or contract work.  In fact, 77% of staffing employees surveyed by the ASA cited that reason as a factor in their decision.

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