Why did you decide to become a temporary employee?

Some choose temporary work to gain experience; others enjoy the flexibility and freedom it offers; still others hope to use assignments as a stepping stone to full-time employment.  Whatever your reason for choosing to work as a temporary, you can use these 10 tips to succeed on the job and make the most of your experiences:

  1. Choose assignments carefully.  Before you accept an assignment, be realistic with yourself about timetables, as well as the skills and abilities required to the job.  Make sure you are up to the challenge!  Your staffing coordinator wants to create the right fit between you and the assignment.  You can make it easier for everyone to succeed by sharing concerns before accepting an assignment.
  2. Dress appropriately. You will fit in, perform and feel better if you’re dressed suitably for the type of work you’ll be doing.
  3. Get off to a good start. On the first day, arrive a few minutes early to allow adequate time for parking and meeting your assignment supervisor.
  4. Treat the assignment as if it’s a permanent job. Perform with the same enthusiasm and commitment as you would if the assignment were your full-time job.  You never know where the assignment may lead!  If the employer is impressed with your job performance, he can work with your staffing service to offer you direct employment.
  5. Stay in touch. Remember that the staffing service is your employer.  As such, you should contact your staffing coordinator directly if: your job description, hours or length of assignment changes; you will be late or absent; you are offered direct employment; you encounter personal issues while on assignment.
  6. Inform the staffing service of your availability. If your assignment is nearing completion or if your availability changes, let your staffing coordinator know as soon as possible.  The more notice he has, the better prepared he will be to match you with the right work opportunities.
  7. Be a contributor. Although you are an employee of the staffing service, think of yourself as part of the client company’s team.  Be pro-active and ask for things to do if you experience downtime.  No matter what the assignment, look for opportunities that will enhance your value to the client.
  8. Network. A temporary assignment puts you in a unique position to network, allowing you to interact and develop relationships with business colleagues whom you might not otherwise meet.  Take advantage of the opportunity to share your career interests and goals with managers you encounter on the job.
  9. Limit cell phone usage (calling, texting, web surfing, etc.) to your scheduled breaks and/or lunch hour.
  10. Communicate. If you enjoyed an assignment and would like to work for the employer again, tell your staffing coordinator.  He can look for additional similar opportunities for you.  And if the assignment was not right for you, consider why.  Try to uncover why the job or the client company didn’t meet your needs, so you can choose an assignment that’s a better fit the next time.

Get the Most from Every Assignment

We at Snelling Staffing Services want to help you succeed as a temporary employee and get the most from every assignment.  Please contact your local Snelling office to learn more about the services, support and resources we provide.