Even though the U.S. economy is predicted to grow faster in 2012, experts do not believe that this will fully extend to the job market.  The predicted economic growth is not expected to push the unemployment rate down much – perhaps as little as 0.2% before the presidential elections in November.  Economists anticipate barely enough job creation this year to stay ahead of population growth, much less to return the very long-term unemployed back into the labor force.

One bright spot, economists agree, will remain the temporary staffing industry, expanding the opportunities for many workers.  However, “temping” is often seen (unfairly, in my opinion) as an inferior choice when compared to direct hire placement.  In fact, temporary work does offer many benefits that would make it a very attractive choice for many job seekers.

  • Flexibility – The very nature of temporary work allows you to attend to personal obligations, take specific time off to travel, and basically fit your career around your life.   No matter what the reason, having a flexible schedule allows you to take care of all of the things that are important while earning a paycheck.
  • Gain practical work experience – Different companies use different systems and methodologies to get the same work done.  For example, IT jobs, sales jobs and retail jobs all use different computer programs, databases and different procedures and processes, depending on the company and industry.  A temporary worker who spends time with different companies can learn new skills and see how those firms operate within the same market space.  This will (in turn) make them more marketable when they begin looking for a direct hire position.
  • Fill gaps in resume – If you are one of the 13.1 million unemployed workers (as of December 2011), consider temping while you are looking for a direct hire position.  Temporary work is a proven way to “get your foot in the door” of a desired company or with a competitive position, since there are many applicants in the marketplace right now.  The average job posting receives more than 50 resumes.  Working as a temporary in a popular company or in a competitive industry could be a means of access to a direct hire placement.
  • Networking – Many people struggle with networking; it is not their within their “comfort zone”.  However, networking is an effective tool that candidates need to use in their job search.  In order to network effectively, though, you must step away from the Internet and go meet people.  You are more likely to receive assistance from someone who has a relationship with you than you are from a Facebook “friend” or LinkedIn “connection”.  Do use these social media sites, but supplement this effort through temporary work.  Whether at temporary job placement agencies or at the hiring companies, temporary positions are a good way to meet new people and grow your job search network.

Whether you’re searching for a new career path, building your résumé or job search network, starting a family or working to support other interests, temporary jobs allow you many benefits and opportunities.  Here at Snelling, we want to help you succeed in your temporary position(s) and get the most benefit from every single assignment.  So contact your local Snelling office to learn more about the services, support and resources we provide.