Companies must continually improve efficiency in order to remain competitive in this market. The productivity and resourcefulness of each employee is more important than ever before. While employers appreciate people who show up on time and complete their assigned tasks, a truly exceptional employee contributes much more.

What makes a truly exceptional employee?

  1. Work Ethic – a talented employee lacking a strong work ethic can often be outdone by a person who places a higher value on their performance and behavior
  2. Emotional Intelligence – employees with high emotional intelligence are more likely to remain calm in tense situations, accept and learn from constructive criticism, listen effectively and lead by example
  3. Integrity – strong moral character is required in order to foster an environment of trust, respect and stability. This is a key factor in developing high performing teams.
  4. Adaptability – business decisions are made quickly and our workplace tools, environments and sometimes even directions need to change just as quickly
  5. Ambition – the internal drive to accomplish and achieve – whether the goal is advancing along a career path, creating greater efficiency or performing at a certain level

Strength in these five areas provides the foundation required to develop highly engaged, loyal employees who have the ability to learn and develop new skills as business and technology changes.

How are you demonstrating strength in these areas? Post in the comments, and let’s talk about it!