In this job market competition is fierce,  security is lacking and you need every possible edge. Working with us puts you at an advantage because:

  • we staff positions that are never advertised
  • our candidates are taken seriously by hiring companies
  • our experienced staffing managers are always looking for the best fit for employers and candidates
  • you can choose the work options that works best for your lifestyle and career

Talk with your local Snelling representative about which of these makes the most sense for you:


If you need flexibility but want your resume to reflect stability, you can gain experience as you work through multiple assignments with different companies while maintaining a relationship with a single employer


Cultural fit is key to a satisfying, long term employment relationship. Get to know a company before making a long term commitment and have the benefit of working onsite before accepting an offer of employment.

Direct Hire

If a more traditional employment situation works best for you, we work with organizations in a wide variety of industries to provide candidate searches, recruiting and pre-screening. We just might be the key to your next career move!

Questions about working with us? Post in the comments, and let’s talk about it!