A company’s image conveys its mission, professionalism, competence, role in different environments as well as its commitment to its employees, customers, competitors, and vendors

Every company should monitor and constantly craft its image, because everything that it does (or does not do) affects other’s perception of its performance, products or services. These perceptions affect the company’s ability to recruit the financial resources and workers that it needs.

A company’s image defines it, and the effects of a strong company image can be seen in everything from sales to morale to employee turnover to recruitment expenses. It helps companies recruit and staff the best people. These are the same companies that can ask tough questions – How many people are using Facebook in San Francisco at 2:30pm on a Friday? (Asked at Google) –and get away with it.

The reason that many of these companies are able to ask these types of questions is that they have a good reputation….a good corporate brand….a good image. They do not have to cut the interviewee a break during the recruiting process. They don’t pursue candidates; candidates pursue them because they want to be associated with that company. They want to be able to tell their family, their friends, and (perhaps) people that they meet at the dog park where they work.

Many small business owners think that their image is not something that they need to worry about, but remember employees are what makes a company great. I read a blog once that said if you put 5 smart and competent people in the desert they will build you a castle. If you put 4 smart people and 1 incapable person out in that same desert, you will get 4 frustrated people. This is a true statement, and many of you are probably nodding in agreement because you have experienced this phenomenon yourself.

The goal for any company is to try and attract and staff those smart and competent people. Snelling can help with that. Whether you are looking to bring on some temporary staff, or hire a full-time employee, Snelling can find the “best-fit” talent that you need to create that castle in the desert. Want to learn more? Contact your local Snelling office today.