If you’re on the hunt for reliable, professional medical staff you can count on, consider hiring veterans.

Upon their release from active duty, these men and women need to find a civilian job—which means your medical facility may benefit from this need!  Businesses have realized how valuable these veterans are to their companies and have started hiring. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that among veterans the unemployment rate is only 6.9% (much lower than the national rate for all workers of 8.3%).

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported earlier this year that the unemployment rate for Afghanistan and Iraq veterans was 12.7%, while the unemployment rate for veterans ages 24 and under is 29.1%, a full 12% higher than for civilians of the same age. These statistics are released annually and show that while unemployment rates may be higher for specific age groups, by and large veterans are being hired by companies across the nation.

This increase in hiring is due partly to increased awareness, among hiring managers, of veterans via advocacy awareness groups and legislation that grants these men/women specialized training to equip them for a specific civilian job. For example, many medical facilities or clinics will benefit from a Health and Human services program that trains veterans to be physicians’ assistants.

Regardless of the position available or type of facility, there are many benefits of hiring U.S. military veterans. Veterans offer many unique qualities – qualities that are hard to find- including:

  • Ability to meet deadlines and a focus on timeliness;
  • Ability to work on a diverse team and work towards a common goal;
  • Comfort level with strict organizational processes and documentation;
  • Emphasis on job safety ;
  • Ability to master new skills and train quickly;
  • Insights into other cultures and languages, leading to respect and courtesy for those they work with;
  • Tested leadership qualities under pressure;
  • Flexibility in job requirements and  work environments;
  • Excellent problem solving skills;

In addition, employers may be eligible for specific tax credits. As just one example, the Returning Heroes Tax Credit offers companies that bring veterans onto the payroll a maximum tax credit of $2,400 for every short-term unemployed hire and $5,600 for every long-term unemployed hire.

The qualities and skills veterans possess makes hiring them a sound business decision. Whether you are staffing for a rehab position, nursing position, or allied position, these veterans will be able to handle all situations with a level of calmness and attention to detail that is hard to find.  The valuable skills these candidates gained in their military training equips them to handle most of the situations they might encounter in a civilian medical position.

Have you hired veterans who have been recently discharged from the armed services? If so, what is your take on this issue of veteran unemployment?

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