Do you undertake the “push and pray” method of recruiting? Do you simply push all your standard job reqs out to the various job boards and pray that the perfect person will stumble across the posting and respond?


Do you “post and plug”. Once you post your job requisition, do you spend all your time trying to plug the massive influx of resumes….many of which have no relevance to the job you are advertising….that flood your inbox?

There are some definite limitations to using job boards as an exclusive recruitment tool.

First, job boards usually only attract active job seekers – who only make up 27% of the workforce. So, if your only recruiting focus is going to be on job boards, you are spending a lot of money to only reach ¼ of your target market. Passive job seekers simply will not see your job postings.

Second, job board postings are an extremely passive way to attract and identify the best talent, because you are 100% reliant on them being motivated enough to find you and engage with you.

Third, with job board postings, you lose full control over who applies for your job or what qualifications they have. Anyone, regardless of their qualifications, who is interested in a job can (and usually does) apply.

So what can you do you improve your chances of finding the best talent?

Diversify. It is as easy as that. A job board is simply an online place that a job seeker might search. A newspaper ad is simply a piece of paper that a job seeker might read. LinkedIn is an online place where a job seeker might have a profile. A staffing firm’s office is a place that a job seeker might visit. Notice the key word in all of these is “might”. The key is to incorporate all these places into your recruiting strategy to reach 100% of the talent available right now.

In 2012, CareerXroads reported that job boards represented 20.1% of all external (not internal) sources of hire. That leaves approximately 80% of the hires to be sourced from recruiters, referrals, social media, staffing firms, career fairs, college recruiting activities, etc. Eighty percent of your external new hires will come from these other sources.

Remember, there are always multiple sources of hire. Social media is not a mutually exclusive source for any hire. Neither are referrals, and (most of the time) neither are job boards. Many other factors play a role. For example, 30% of those who said that they were hired due to an internal referral were also influenced by a recruiter or some other 3rd party (such as a staffing firm). The same holds true for social media with over 40% claiming that a recruiter, and job boards were also extremely influential.

This is where Snelling is a champion for your cause. We understand that you do not have the time or energy to cull through hundreds of (mostly) unqualified resumes that are channeled to you through job boards. We also know that it will take over 10 referrals for you to make that one hire. This is where we come in. Leveraging the services of a human capital (i.e. staffing) management firm should be part of your total recruitment push in the first place, but we can take much of the work off of your shoulders in regards to the channels. Job fairs? Referrals/networking? Social Media? We are involved in those initiatives already. Let us incorporate them for you.

Visit us at to find your local Snelling office today, where we can sit down with you to design a comprehensive recruitment plan to find your best-fit employee right away.

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