By Melinda Juneau,

iStock_000022843583MediumIt is no secret the current job market is highly competitive right now and has been for several years.  Employment is not gained with only a college education and no experience because employers are looking for future employees with the whole package.  Employers want college graduates with experience and even bonus certifications.  Even though you may enjoy your current position, there is a lingering fear in the back of your mind that you don’t measure up to the incoming job seekers.

                     Are you truly an asset and invaluable to your company? 

In the health care field, there is a constant need for certified employees to enter the workforce and assist in every aspect of caring for the sick and the elderly.  This is a demanding line of work yet the growth possibilities are endless if you are willing to take the classes and learn.  Whether you want to make a lateral change within the healthcare industry or you have a desire to become more trained in the field you already know and love, certifications can give you the necessary edge to fulfill your career goals.

In the beginning, everything is new and sometimes scary.  When you work in healthcare, it is a huge responsibility, even in support roles such as administration and billing.  If you make a mistake, the repercussions can be severe as you hold lives in your hands.  After some time in that particular role, you begin to feel comfortable and are proficient at the job. You may be at a point in your career where you are sometimes bored with the monotony of the tasks at hand.  You find yourself picking up the slack for others from other areas and yet your pay has remained the same.

                    Have you ever considered that you may have outgrown your current position? 

It was a starting point for you, a launching pad, and at some point you thought about becoming certified. It may be helpful to have a certification in more areas to not only be paid more but to have more job possibilities.  There is no reason to completely change careers but you should consider what areas of your day you truly enjoy.  Do you find yourself drawn to a certain task or area of the facility where you work?   That is more than likely the area in which you should consider placing your focus.

The medical field has a plethora of opportunities for almost every personality and job preference so finding that one niche for your own personal life can take time but it is worth the effort.  In order to work in that particular field, you may need to be certified.  That certification doesn’t need to take over your life but it can be done in addition to a regular job.  With options such as online, night, and weekend classes, the choices of how to become certified are accommodating.  It will require work on your part but if you are then able to work in the field you really enjoy, that reward will be equal to the effort.  Not only can a certification allow you to request a higher pay but you can also have more responsibility, which can lead to a leadership position.  You have chosen the healthcare field because you want to help others and make a difference.  Why not make a difference in the biggest possible way, by using your own talents and knowledge to receive further education and have the chance to impact people even more?

                     There is no need to feel stagnant or bored if you work in the healthcare field.

Take the time to learn more about your preferred field of study and become certified in order to further your career.  Not only will you be an asset to the facility where you work but you will be proud of the level of care you can provide to every patient.

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