Benefits of the temporary workforce and Snelling As the CEO of Snelling, I have seen this industry grow and change phenomenally over the last several years.  Rising labor costs, especially those associated with workers’ compensation insurance, health benefits and unemployment taxes, as well as uncertainty around the Affordable Care Act, have led to an increased use of temporary and contingent workers.

With this growth comes a choice, as workforce management firms compete for your business. Promises of competitive advantages, higher quality workers and lower costs permeate the landscape.  Snelling comes to the table with these same promises and much more.  We have been an industry leader for years, and that knowledge is summed up in our People + tagline.  With Snelling’s People + you know that you are getting a quality workforce management partner – one who not only says all the right things, but can prove it.  At Snelling, we are:

People + Proven Results

For over 60 years, Snelling has provided complete workforce solutions to their clients….whether it be a temporary team of workers to help with demand fluctuations or the perfect candidate for a full-time position. In every office across this country, we apply our experience and knowledge to provide you with the unique solution designed to meet your specific need.     

People + Understanding

Our talented managers and recruiters have a wealth of knowledge and experience- both in the staffing sector as well as in your particular industry.  With this valuable expertise, we can help identify major issues affecting your business and design a solution that gives you a competitive edge.

People + Flexibility

We provide both expertise and out-of-box solutions needed to quickly and effectively hit the ground running for either a short-term project or for anticipated long-term growth.

People + Partnership

Partnering with Snelling adds value. When you form a strategic partnership with us, you benefit.  Snelling works with you in a consultative role, understanding your needs and goals, analyzing the future demand for workers, all the while leveraging our knowledge of workforce planning and your industry.  This directly and positively impacts the cost, quality, reliability and speed of your recruiting and staffing initiatives.

People + Service

Here at Snelling, our commitment to customer service is evident through every stage of our partnership.  Planning and implementing both your workforce staffing needs as well as your recruitment process should not be your focus.  We manage these processes for you so you can focus on the complexities of your business.

So ask yourself if your current needs are being met.  If not, remember…Snelling delivers results.  Contact us today and let us start working for you.