Why you should use a recruiterIt is not easy to recruit well-qualified healthcare professionals.  Physician groups, hospitals, ambulatory centers, laboratories and other healthcare organizations all struggle with the best way to find the finest people for their open positions.

Because of this, many facilities try to establish in-house recruiting departments. Whether they are looking to streamline costs or create value, many HR executives think that their HR professionals can best manage this process in-house – in addition to all the other required human resource-related duties.

This may not be the case.  No matter how efficient, aligned or inclusive your HR department is as a recruiting organization, it is extremely difficult to handle everything. When you cannot handle everything, you are not creating value.


Recruiting is time-intensive.  If an internal department is trying to cull through hundreds of résumés while still managing daily responsibilities, the process can take weeks or months. This is a long time for a position to remain vacant.  In addition, candidates must be carefully screened to make sure that they have the proper education, experience as well as the right certifications and credentials.  This also takes a significant amount of time.

Recruiting as a specialty

Recruiting is, in many ways, a soft skill.  The internal HR professional must be able to not only locate a candidate but engage that person as well.  Effectively expressing all the reasons to accept the position, overcoming objections, compromising, negotiating and closing the candidate are all inherent skills found in the best recruiters.  Effective, focused recruiting requires specialized expertise and a distinct set of “soft skills” that may not be found among your current HR professionals.

Multiple “clients”

Depending on the facility’s size and needs, a HR department that tries to handle everything is more than likely torn between filling administrative jobs, clinical jobs, IT jobs or even executive positions.  Usually, the HR professional ends up working with the unit that “communicates” the loudest….not with the unit that has the most urgent need.

Focusing simply on hard dollar savings by trying to manage the entire recruiting process in-house can backfire. No one (whether it is a specific person or department) can do everything. Therefore, you can rely on Snelling Medical Professionals to help.  We know where to find suitable candidates, and we can quickly narrow this list to a small and manageable group.  Recruiting is what we do.  We know how to engage a candidate and match his/her needs and desires to your specific work environment and other intangible benefits.   If you are a healthcare organization that needs to fill your open positions quickly or map your future talent pool, contact Snelling Medical Professionals today.