Temporary Staff can save your facility moneyDuring times of high seasonal demand, every enterprise needs to provide the best customer service possible.  In healthcare, it is mission critical to provide quality patient care. The problem can be not knowing exactly when your facility will be busy.  There are “seasonal” spikes… for cold/flu season or allergy season, as two examples.  However, it is difficult to know with any regularity when there will be a surplus or a shortage of staff.

How do you handle this constantly changing situation?  Working with a qualified, reputable medical staffing firm is the answer.  Temporary workers can provide you with:


Hiring enough people to cover spans of heavy workload leaves you with too many employees during times when (well) there is not a heavy patient flow.  In a perfect world, patients come and go in evenly spaced increments throughout the year….but in healthcare, there is no such thing as a perfect world.  Situations change and morph constantly. Temporary employment services provide you with the flexibility to add workers only when you need them, which is a much more cost-effective staffing solution.

In addition, temporary healthcare workers can reduce your HOOT costs.  These are the costs involved in:   


Hiring a new employee is an expensive and risky process. If the new employee does not work out, all of your hiring expenses are lost.  When you work with a qualified, reputable workforce management firm, these risks are substantially reduced.  With temporary workers, there is no commitment to retain a worker if expectations are not met.  If you need to hire a full-time employee, you can leverage the staffing firm’s temp-to-hire candidates.  You can then see which people work well with your medical facility’s culture, environment and work ethic.


Your costs do not end when you make a job offer.   Working with a medical staffing firm saves you time and money because all employees have been screened and evaluated. In many cases, your staffing firm partner will undertake the onboarding/orientation process for you, ensuring your temporary staff members are well-prepared and ready to get to work.


During busy periods, you may be tempted to initiate mandatory overtime for all staff members.  However, at time and half and double time, overtime is expensive, and can impact the abilities of your staff members to provide quality patient care.  Hiring a temporary employee sidesteps this issue by not only lowering your costs, but also creating a healthier work environment – for both patients and employees.


Healthcare workforce management firms can also provide customized training to these temporary workers.  This ensures that there is consistency in training and everyone working has the skills needed to effectively integrate into your medical facility’s workflow.

Snelling can be that qualified, reputable staffing firm partner for you.  With over 60 years as a leading human capital management provider, we understand the level of service, commitment and knowledge that you require from your staffing firm’s team members.  We understand the complexities of healthcare staffing, and we want to help you channel resources away from staffing concerns to equipment, employee and patient care enhancements.

So let’s get started today.  Register on the Snelling website for more information, and one of our talented recruiters and staffing managers will contact you to get the process started.  Or, if you want to start immediately, log onto our website and locate your local Snelling Medical Professionals office.