benefits of staffing partnershipsRegardless of your company’s size, if you are trying to handle all your recruiting and hiring functions in-house, you are more than likely torn between either filling requisitions for back-office jobs or filling requisitions for those jobs that are crucial to your core business. Usually, the department that complains the loudest will be the one that you get to immediately.

Therefore, partnering with a trusted workforce management (i.e. staffing) firm actually adds more value, especially when you factor in the cost of time and the quality of your results.

Your company is the one who benefits.

Partner vs. Vendor?  There is a difference…

Partners work together to create new possibilities.  Vendors work on a transaction by transaction basis. Transactions focus on the savings of hard dollars, while partnerships focus not only on hard dollar savings but on long-term quality and value as well.  A partnership encompasses more of a consultative role that can directly impact the cost, quality, reliability and speed of your recruiting schedule.    

Set up a preferred provider relationship.  Managing multiple search “vendors” can be very costly in terms of slow fill rates, timesheet verification processes, materials and supplies management, consistent orientation and onboarding processes and general reporting issues.

The relationship between you and your workforce management partner can (and should be) mutually beneficial.  Form a strategic relationship; do not simply issues RFP’s and assign PO’s.  The value of a true preferred strategic partnership is in what everyone brings to the tablenot just a focus on recruiting, but industry knowledge, the ability to stay current on emerging business trends and best practices, experience in delivering both theoretical and tactical training, etc

Inavero’s Best of Staffing Award

But how can you locate a workforce planning firm that has the capabilities to become a true strategic partner? This is where the Best of Staffing award comes into play.  This award is the only one in the nation that recognizes staffing firms for receiving remarkable reviews from their clients- companies like yours.  Only 1% of the companies surveyed by Inavero ranked high enough to be named to the Best of Staffing Client Winner List.

We are proud and honored to be part of that small group of firms, because every day, we go above and beyond to provide our clients value-add services that lead to mutual success.  So contact us today.  We would love to work with you to meet and exceed your workforce planning goals.