Recruiter with a lot of good applicantsIs there a difference to hiring the best talent on the market and hiring the best talent in the market?  In other words, is there a difference in recruiting an active and passive candidate?

Of course there is.

Hiring cannot be done via checklist.  You cannot completely base your recruiting strategy on LinkedIn, your contact list, or any other “single” method.  It takes a multi-faceted approach, because you are probably looking for a “multi-faceted” employee.

Passive candidates are currently employed and not actively looking for a new position.  They do not get excited over your job description simply because your bullet points describing the job are a perfect match for their skill sets. No…they already have that job.  To switch, they need to be motivated and sold on your particular opportunity.

So, if you are not using the services of a reputable recruiter, then you are probably only hiring the best talent from those who are on the market…..the active job seekers.  They are the ones responding to your job post, via your website and/or any online job board you may use.   

Now, I have stated before that I think the line is being blurred in regards to active and passive candidates….you can have a highly qualified, talented active candidate and you can hire a passive candidate who turns out to be a bad fit.  However, recruiting these two different types of candidates requires completely different strategies, mindsets and skill sets.

Lake vs. Pond

The issue comes in dealing with access.  Do you want to search for your perfect candidate in a lake or a pond?  To find the best-fit employee, you need to look a wide variety of candidates.  Do you have the time to conduct that kind of search?  Better yet, do you have the time to conduct that kind of search effectively and productively and in a timely manner?

Proactive Recruiting

When you work with a recruiter, you are able to hire ahead of your need.  You can move from reactive hiring – recruiting, interviewing and hiring “under the gun” because you have an immediate need – to proactive hiring – effectively aligning your hiring initiatives with your growth goals.  In other words, you are recruiting ahead of your need.

To do this effectively will require the use of a qualified recruiter and/or staffing firm.  They do not wait for a job to become open to start reaching out and recruiting possible candidates.  They know where the most talented people are, and they know what to look for.  They are your true recruiting partner.

The Fee

It is a significant investment of money and resources to internally implement the hiring process.  There is a high level of economic value in using a professional recruiter.  You save money – not only in better placements but in time.  You can use your precious time to focus on the core aspects of your business, not on the search and recruitment of the perfect candidate.  Time is money.

So contact your local Snelling office today.  We look forward to hearing from you.