Negative attitude, gloomy, job searchSearching for a job is a full-time job, and the longer the process takes, the easier it is to feel discouraged and deflated.  This negative mindset is extremely counter-productive, especially for job seekers.

It causes you to focus on the fact that “life isn’t fair” (hint: nope, it is not) and wail that “there just are not any jobs in [fill in the blank]” or that “no one will hire me” (well, not with that attitude, they won’t).  You focus on everything that is wrong, and do not embrace any possibilities.  Instead of trying new things to meet your goal (of finding a new job), you act like Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh fame), expecting misfortune at every corner, doing nothing to prevent it, and then bemoaning the fact that it happened.

You need to break out of that mold and stop looking at the world through “grey-colored glasses”.  No one wants to hire an old grey donkey that sees misfortune at every turn.  Eeyore is patted on his head and sent on his way….

Therefore, acquiring and maintaining a positive attitude is of paramount importance to your job search. You need a great (not just a “good”) attitude during your job search to be successful.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:   

  • Visualize your new job.  Go ondaydream. Keeping your desired end result in mind will help you navigate the job search process.
  • Set goals.  Setting and meeting goals will provide you a sense of accomplishment and it will motivate you to set and meet even bigger goals.
  • Smile. Be friendly and remember your sense of humor.  When you smile, it almost forces you to be positive.  Try itright now!
  • Be willing to learn new skills and tasks.  There are many low-cost ways to learn skills – free online courses, community college courses, etc.  In addition, realize that some skills are not going to be mastered immediately.  Networking is a skill, and for many it does not come easily.  Keep going to events and keep working the room.  Eventually, you will do less socializing and more networking.
  • Be purposeful and persistent.  Life is not a Disney movie.  Just because you wish something to happen, does not mean that it will happen.  You have to make it happen.  Remain determined to get the job done.  Keep trying
  • Celebrate the small victories. Did you get a new follower on Twitter?  Did someone “like” your insightful commentary on a particular LinkedIn discussion?  Small victories lead to more confidence and a better attitude.
  • Be dependable and reliable.  Keep your word and do what you say you will do.
  • Be ready.  Resume? Check. Business cards? Check. Portfolio? Check.  References all lined up? Check.  Being completely prepared, no matter the situation, is the mark of a positive and confident job seeker.

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By Christiane Soto,