better management of temporary workersThe chances are that you will need to – at some point – leverage temporary workers in this new year.  Most companies are.

Forty-two percent of employers plan to hire temporary or contract workers in 2014, up from 40% in 2013.

Across the nation, employers are partnering with staffing firms to gain flexible access to the skills they need to handle seasonal surges; fill gaps due to vacations, leaves, etc.;  work on special projects; or take over repetitive or non-core activities.

Temporary employees can be a great resource for your company, but they have to be managed correctly.  You cannot simply bring in warm bodies and expect them to work at 100% productivity immediately

To ensure you’re getting the most from your staffing firm partnership – and head-off potential problems – here are 5 simple tips to make managing temporary staff more effective:    

Being prepared is half the victory…..

1. Be ready for them – before they start. Your temporary employees will arrive ready to work. They have been prepped by the staffing firm personnel, but that is not enough.  Make sure that you have assembled all needed paperwork and orientation materials before they arrive.  If they have a work area, make sure that it is stocked and ready-to-go. This helps your temporaries get to work much more quickly.

2. Provide essential information and context. Carefully review the temporaries’ job responsibilities, as well as your expectations, at the start of any/all assignments. Do not just tell them what they are going to dotell them why they are doing it.  When you provide this context and perspective, you will be amazed at how fast they become competent contributors.

3. Explain where to go for help. Provide clear instructions for what temporary employees should do if they encounter a problem, need a question answered, or finish their work early. When temporaries have essential information at their fingertips, they spend more time on productive work – and less time seeking assistance.

A smile is the universal welcome…

4. Make them part of the team.  Temporary employees often feel isolated.  For them to be successful, they need to connect with your organization.  Introduce him to co-workers and supervisors, and explain everyone’s roles and specialties. Be sure he knows where to park as well as where the bathrooms and (perhaps) vending machines/ break rooms are.

Don’t lower expectations to meet performance….

5. Never tolerate poor performance. Temporary employees are there to provide a flexible solution and enhance your company’s performance.  They are not there to weaken it. Carefully monitor each temporary employee’s productivity, accuracy and attitude. If an individual fails to live up to your expectations, ask the staffing firm to replace him immediately.

Simple, proactive steps like these can help you create a more cohesive, flexible and efficient workforce.  In doing so, you will get better results from your temporary staff – every time.  When you need highly skilled temporary workers for your business, contact Snelling.  We are here to help!