job search tips 2014If you have decided to jump back into the workforce in 2014, you need to explore every path available to you in order to land a job.

Do not just apply online.  Do not simply depend on friends. Do not only walk through business parks asking for applications.  You have to do a variety of things to land a well-paying job in 2014.  You will need a powerful resume, as well as an elevator pitch and a clear understanding of the value you can bring to an employer.  You will also need to network – online and face to face – attend job fairs, and sign up with employment agencies and staffing firms.

There is no easy cure for unemployment.

No one will recommend you because you follow them on Twitter. No company will hire you just because you dropped off an application in their reception area.  No staffing firm will hire you just because you asked them for a job.

Being hired by a staffing agency is just like being hired by a company.  You need to have a stellar resume – even if you do not think you need one.  You will need to fill out an application as well.   

You will more than likely go through an interview, be skill tested and then even have a background check conducted.

Many job seekers do not work with staffing firms because they feel that the firm works for the companynot them.

In a way that is true.  When employers have open jobs that they do not have the time to fill, or they cannot fill or they do not need full-time help with, they will turn to staffing companies for help.  This provides you – the job seeker – with access to a hidden job market.  Companies do not typically recruit for jobs that they have outsourced to staffing firms.

Therefore, once a staffing firm is notified that there is an “open job” they will begin to actively recruit to fill that position.  The staffing recruiters are there to pick the best candidate, not the loudest or most recent or the most frantic.  Your job is to present yourself as the best candidate.

You have to show value and initiative and drive and be able to highlight your skills and competencies.

If they find you to be the best candidate for the job, you will either be hired by the staffing firm (if the position is temporary) or be referred to the company (if it is for a direct hire position).

Nothing is a slam dunk, but adding staffing firms and employment agencies to your list of resources during the job search will serve you well.

As a recognized, national staffing firm, Snelling is here to help.  We work with different companies all over the country – from national brands to regional players.  We understand our clients and are looking for good workers.  If you fit the bill, contact us today.

By Christiane Soto,