it is the soft skills that matterHas technology made your job obsolete?  Believe it or not, it happens more than you think.

And the trend will continue.  Technology is not going to stop evolving.  Workers of all ages have to modify their mindsets.  Training is now a constant part of life.  If you stop training, you will stagnate.  Once you stagnate, you will become obsolete.  Once you become obsolete, you will have difficulty finding a new job.

But what about those skills that are timeless?  They do existthey are importantand they are sorely lacking in many candidates. These are commonly known as soft skills, and they are timeless because they span generations and jobs and companies.

They are the skills that employers wantto the point that they are willing to forgo specific technical skills.  Technical skills can be taught. Soft skills cannot not.  You have to bring them to the table.  

They include:

Communication. You may have all the skillsall the best ideasall the insight in the world, but if you cannot effectively communicate any of it, you are providing little value.  If you can communicate verbally or in written format, you will provide value.  Being articulate is highly prized.  

Listening. Part of communication is listening – active listening.  This means you listen without interruption, and then take the time to form a response before replying.  The good news is that active listening is a skill that can be learned.  It simply takes awareness and practice.

Ability to read body language. Two-thirds of communication is non-verbal.  Being aware of others’ gestures, posture and tone of voice – and correctly interpreting those cues – greatly enhances your success as a communicatorand your value.

An appropriate sense of humor. Humor goes a long way in the workplace.  It eases tension, and it can actually get the creative juices flowing.  If you can help produce (appropriate) lightheartedness in your workplace, you will contribute to the positive workplace culture of the organization.

Good judgment. This skill comes from all the previous ones listed.  It allows you to wisely choose friends and associates, determine appropriate responses and reactions, and make well-thought-out decisions.

Do you have these skills?  You probably do, so take some time to think of how you can demonstrate them during your next interview.  Can you share a story that shows how you are a great team player? Can you share a story of how you can adapt to changing business conditions and hit all your performance goals at the same time? Can you explain a complicated concept to your interviewer?

 So if you are not finding the value with your current employerif you are being passed over for promotionsif you are looking for a new job opportunity, consider Snelling. 

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By Christiane Soto,