Temporary worker fo todayToday’s staffing industry is not your grandfather’s staffing industry.  What started off as a means to fill unexpected vacancies or provide vacation coverage is now a value-added part of the talent acquisition strategy of thousands of companies.

Temporary employees do not simply arrive to answer phones or keep a seat warm.  Increasingly, they are highly skilled workers who are needed to fulfill the requirements of a specific project or to help meet increasing demand.

Modern temporary employees are different too from the sneaker-wearing file clerks of yesteryear. They offer much more to today’s employers.  Today’s contingent workers span across many professions.  Out of the almost 3 million temporary and contract workers employed each business day by U.S. staffing companies:

  • 24% are writers
  • 7% are web developers
  • 4% are marketing professionals

And their ranks are growingthis number is 4.3% higher than in 2011.  

They bring flexibility to the workforceflexibility that helps companies meet their goals and keep costs down.

In fact, more than $2 trillion has been spent globally on contingent workers, and the growth is expected to continue.  The revenue of U.S. staffing firms is expected to grow to nearly $140 million in 2013.

But how can staffing firms help businesses?  In many ways, today’s staffing firms offer different levels of expertisefrom both industry and functional expertise.  For example, IT firms who need people to support their non-core activities can partner with a staffing firm to provide that personnel.  Staffing firms can find the best worker –fast – because that is all they do….recruit talented, hard-working employees.

Staffing firms can also help reduce the risk of a bad hire.  When a business tries to hire an employee, it is hard to pinpoint the suitability of the candidate during the interviewing process. Many times, the job performance is not what is expected, and the costs for the bad hire grow exponentially.  By partnering with a temporary staffing firm, a business can find the people they need, evaluate their performance on the job and then, if everything works out, bring them on as an employee. This removes the risk.

So do not simply look as temporary employees as just a means to “plug holes” in your workforce, and do not look at the modern staffing firm as just another vendor.  The modern concept of temporary staffing offers many more benefits to your talent acquisition strategy. If you would like to explore the various ways you can use temporary staff to grow your business, contact us at one of our local office or at www.Snelling.com. We will work with you to explore all options and help you implement the best-fit solution for your particular company.