Mistakes That You Make in Managing a Contingent Workforce Can Cost You BigFor over 60 years, Snelling has provided great service to our clients  in many different markets nationwide.  We are your trusted strategic partner to help you with extra resources when you want to take your business to the next level or get through a challenging time.

To many in the business community, we are known solely as a staffing company and (it is true that) our staffing and recruiting expertise is second to none.   However, as I have expressed numerous times, we are, and will continue to become, much more.  We want all of our clients to realize what many have already experienced – that we provide many other services that are critical to your success.

At some point, every business will experience an ownership change. In fact, a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study stated that 17 percent of all family-owned businesses will change ownership during the next five years. In the past, if you were planning to sell your business, or needed to recapitalize, there were not many resources you could leverage.   

Today you have a resource in Snelling.  We are ready to assist our clients at any/all times, especially when they are about to make one of the most important financial decisions of their lives.  Thanks to our new strategic alliance with Allegiance Capital Corporation, we can now help business owners who are interested in selling or recapitalizing their business.

Allegiance Capital is a premier investment bank that provides nationwide service to business owners who want to sell all or part of their company, or recapitalize to grow thecompany.  Any Snelling client can now tap into the services provided by Allegiance Capital.

Much like Snelling, Allegiance Capital educates business owners and provides them options. Selling a business is not simple, and every transaction, like every owner, is unique. I have personally met the owner and founder of Allegiance Capital, David Mahmood, and he is just as dedicated as we are to helping successful owners reach that next level. I was also impressed with their staff, because they are all seasoned business veterans, and many have even owned their own businesses in the past.

This is truly a win-win partnership for everyone. Snelling has an exciting new service offering that benefits business owners in the local communities we serve, and our clients get to work with a premier investment banking firm that will help them get a premium price for their business, or secure the funding they need to grow.

To learn more about this new service, please contact your local Snelling representative or visit the Allegiance Capital website at www.allcapcorp.com. Snelling is proud to expand the services we can provide you, and we look forward to working with you as your trusted business partner today and in the future.