medical job inteview Hiring the best person for the job is hard, nerve-wracking work. Candidates are always going to be on their best behavior, so the whole hiring process can feel extremely robotic and quite arduous.  In addition, many of your employees may simply not have the training to feel confident in their hiring choices.

You want the best quality peoplethe high performers.  But do you know how to go about and find those staff members? Simply pulling names out of a hat is not the choice, nor is picking the first person who accepts your low-ball offer.

Here are a few tips to help you hire the best-fit person for your job opening(s):   

  • First impressions must align with the type of staff you want to hire.  First impressions are everything.  Ask yourself what type of worker you want to hire for your facility.  Write those points down.  Then look at your job description, your social media posts, any type of message you present to the world. Attracting top candidates hinges on that first impression.  If they are impressed, they are more likely to come in for an interview.
  • Are you the best you can be? People work for people, not for brand names.  Be assured that as you interview them, they are interviewing you as well.  To attract top talent , you have to put your best foot forward.  Not only does your job posting have to be attractive, your interview process has to be as well.  If candidates feel “put out” or uncomfortable during an interview, they are going to choose not to work for you.  If you expect them to come into the interview being knowledgeable about the job and your facility, then you should do your homework too.  Read their resume, highlight questions, and look at their various online profiles.  If you expect them to be on time, then you should too.
  • There is a direct correlation between salary and quality. If you want quality staff, you have to pay for quality staff.  Therefore, research the going rate for the exact same position in your area and be prepared to pay a little more.  Top talent will already be employed, and it will take great first impression, great interview process plus a great salary to make them want to come onboard.  Chances are they know what they are worth, and a lowball offer will simply be offensive. An investment in quality talent will always pay off in the long run.

If you are looking for top medical staff, call Snelling.  We provide the best of both worlds, a national recruiting arm that can find top candidates – no matter where they are located – and local market know-how.  We can help you make that great first impression; we can help you through the interview process, and we can help you establish the pay rate that will have quality candidates lined up at your door.  So contact us today!