Face to Face Networking is Better Than Online Networking To find the job of your dreams, you cannot simply sit at your computer and submit resumes online.  You are going to have to get out of your comfort zone.  You are going to have to leave your house and – wait for it – talk to people.

Despite the plethora of (online) articles hyping the benefits of (online) networking, nothing beats traditional networking in the job hunt.  Nothing.

Sure, you do hear of the out-of-work person who was able to tweet himself into a new job or the single mom of four who blogged her way into a book deal, but if you want to boost your chances of getting your next, best-fit job, talking to people (live and in-person) is still your best bet.

Whether you meet them through traditional networking activities or through your daily life activities, the people that you meet and interact with can connect you with job opportunities – most of which have not even been posted online.

However, the thought of walking up and talking to a stranger may bring on cold sweats.  Therefore, here are 5 tips from Snelling to maximize your results.   

  1. Think of all the places you go everyday. Think of everything you do and everywhere you go in your daily life.  Nothing is irrelevant; you would be surprised where you can meet your next great contact.  When you are there, start a conversation with the people around you. You never know what opportunity will arise out of a chance encounter.
  2. Don’t be intimidated by an unknown face. Every contact starts off as a stranger. Relax and let the person next to you strike up a conversation – or strike one up yourself. Open up, talk and listen – you may meet someone who can open the right door or make a great introduction for you.
  3. Accept invitations. You never know what you can get unless you try. So do not skip your next great networking opportunity. It could cause you to miss out on a big opportunity. Give yourself a pep talk, accept the invite and commit to introducing yourself to at least three new people.
  4. Be discrete.  Regardless of the setting, be careful not to divulge sensitive information about your job or company.
  5. Say goodbye. At the end of every event, make sure to say goodbye to the people you have met.  If appropriate, make plans to connect again.  This is where your online world can come into play.  Connect with your new contacts via LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter to help keep the lines of communication open.

A great way to meet new people is to work with a reputable staffing firm.  At every job assignment, there are many opportunities to interact with all kinds of people.  Whether you are looking for a temporary assignment or a direct hire opportunity, Snelling can help you contact the best people to help you (re)launch your job search.  So contact us today!