try againIf at first you do not succeed, try, try again.  It is a common saying, but does it apply to the job search?  What if you do not get the job?  Do you try, try again?

The short answer is “sure”.  Job seekers should not be discouraged from applying again to a company that has turned them down.

However, timing can be crucial.  There needs to be enough time to amass additional skills, do additional research and approach the interview from a different angle. So wait and do not reapply right away.  Use the time wisely to:

Understand the gap in the previous application

Take the time to figure out exactly why you were turned down the first time. There are a myriad of reasons (turning in the application too late, forgetting to include a necessary attachment, etc.), but if it was lack of experience or knowledge, focus on understanding and closing the gaps on your resume / application.  

Well, how the heck are you supposed to do that?  Ideally this information comes from contacts within the company itself.  But if no contacts exist, look inward. Did you have the experience needed?  Did you research enough to truly understand the company’s culture and language?  Did you present yourself the right way at the interview? Make an honest list and spend the time to make all necessary changes – to your resume, cover letter, application and interview style.

Make a connection or find a new connection

The next move is to connect (or re-connect) with someone at the company.  You may have done this before, but now the focus needs to change. Learn everything about their role, their background, how they were hired, and what the company saw in them.  By asking these questions, you will have some great insight into how to make needed changes. .

Follow up

Follow up with the hiring manager or the HR manager involved in the original hiring process. In your follow up, remind her of your résumé / application on file, share the new skills you have acquired and reiterate your passion for the company.

Think outside the box

Be bolder and more creative the second time around in order to stand out from other applicants.  Remember, you not only have to compete with other job seekers, but with yourself and your previous application.

When it comes to finding your best – fit job it is better to try, try again. And so can registering with Snelling! We have strong relationships with your area’s leading employers and can provide you the insight and tips you need.  So check out our available temporary jobs and direct hire positions.