Home health care is boomingThanks to advances in healthcare technology and the economics around home healthcare delivery, there are huge opportunities for those who deliver healthcare services to patients in their own homes.  Home healthcare reduces the overall cost of healthcare and improves the quality of life of patients and families. This sector is booming; in fact, according to Forbes 2014 Best Franchises, three of the top 10 are home healthcare brands.  With this type of growth comes the need to hire.

This means great things for medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists as well as home health aides.

But what should you consider when selecting a home healthcare employer?

Bottom line, your new employer should have a good reputation.  Your employer should make it possible for you to succeed with every assignment; they should help you grow your career.  So do some research.  Prepare for your interview by (at minimum) visiting their website (for both the parent company and the local office, if possible) and focus on answering the following 5 questions.  

  • Do training opportunities exist? A good home healthcare employer should offer (at minimum) initial orientation and ongoing refresher training…at no charge.
  • What is the level of pay and what benefits are available? It is true. Home healthcare does not have the best of reputations. Stories abound on the internet of low pay and less-than-stellar benefits packages.  So make sure that at some point before you decide to come on board you ask about the healthcare plan, including 1) how much are premiums and what do those premiums pay for, 2) is there a 401(k) and is there any matching and 3) is there any paid time off, flexible scheduling, career mentoring, etc.?
  • What does a typical day consist of? Find out where patients are located.  Know how far you will have to drive every day, and decide if that will work for you.
  • How is documentation handled? Documentation is the lifeblood of any medical job. You need to find out what type of system the employer uses. If it is paper-based or an antiquated, non-integrated computerized system, you will be frustrated.  Frustration does not make for a great working experience.
  • How much say do you have on your schedule and your caseload? Can you choose the type of patient you see?  Do you have input on how your appointments will be scheduled?  Let’s face it, having a job that fits with your life is a huge bonus, and quality employers recognize the value that their employees bring to the table.  Those employers will work with their employees to make sure that they are happy and engaged.   

If everything is still all a jumble or you want some assistance, remember the staff at Snelling Medical Professionals is here to help.  We know the best local home healthcare employers, and we have the tools you need to succeed in your job search.  So contact Snelling Medical Professionals today and let’s get started.