Best medical or healthcare job boardsJob boards can be a great tool to help you find out where the jobs are in healthcare.

But first a word of warning…to find your next best-fit job, you cannot simply sit at your computer and submit applications and/or resumes online.  You need to utilize a vast variety of search methods to succeed.  This includes networking (both online and in-person), targeted research and even cold calling and temporary staffing firms.

Job boards are strictly a numbers game and not in a good way.  You can submit dozens and hundreds of resumes and you may get one response (or none at all).  However, if you possess the education and training required, you should be able to boost that response rate significantly.

Therefore, job boards should be one component of your job search, and your best bet will lie in those job boards that specialize in the medical field.  

Therefore, here are 6 such sites that we at Snelling think are worth your time and effort:

  • HealthECareers Network – This is the big daddy of all medical job boards…newly formed from a merger of MedHunters, HealthCallings and the original HealthECareers. Here you will find listing in healthcare administration, operations, allied health, biotechnology, dental, nursing, pharmaceutical and a variety of physican specialities. The available jobs span small medical practices to large, integrated health systems.
  • CareerVitals – This site exclusively focuses on allied healthcare, nursing, pharmaceutical/bio-tech and physician jobs.
  • HealthJobsNationwide – This site offers over 300,000 healthcare and medical jobs posted from throughout the United States.
  • Medzilla – This site primarily offers 7500 + job listings to assist biotechnology, pharmaceutical, science, medicine and healthcare professionals.
  • PracticeLink – While mainly focused on the physician market, this site does provide advanced practioners (dental hygeniests, nurse practioners, nurse midwives, surgical technicians, ultrasound technicians, etc) the opportunity to post resumes and conduct job searches.
  • Nurse,com – Even though this site serves as a resource / educational portal for nurses, it also provides a job search venue for jobseekers.

However, one thing more site you should consider is the Snelling website.  At Snelling Medical Professionals, we can offer you the best of both worlds…a robust job board and the inside knowledge of the hidden job market for your local area.  We have the resources and the know-how to find you your next best-fit medical job.  So visit our website, locate your local Snelling Medical Professionals office and let’s get started.