Why You Should Follow a Temp-to-Hire Hiring Model

Horrible hiring decisions are made almost every day – out of fear, wishful thinking or simply the need to get the process completed. But sometimes, these bad choices are a mistake. Getting a true and accurate sense of how well a candidate will perform on the job is sometimes almost impossible to do during the interview.

There is a solution to this problem – temp-to-hire employment staffing – where an employer brings in a candidate for a predetermined trial period (usually around 90 days). During this time, the employer can evaluate the candidate to ensure they are the “best fit” for their culture and workplace.

If everything works out, the candidate is offered a job at the end of the trial period. However, if, at the end of the period, the employer decides that the candidate does not work out, then the temporary assignment is ended.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that the temp-to-hire model is being embraced more. Temporary hiring is skyrocketing. This is evidenced by the June 2012 unemployment report (issued by the BLS) where temporary employment made up almost 1/3 of the total jobs created. Leveraging a temporary workforce to “try before you buy” is gaining favor as employers search out more flexible workforce solutions and wait for proof that the economy is truly going to rebound.

More and more companies, like T-Mobile and Mellon Bank, are moving towards a “permanent flexible workforce.”

But what are the benefits of leveraging a temporary-to-hire workforce? There are several:

  • No obligation to hire – this is the most touted benefit whenever anyone talks about temp-to-hire. Employers are not required to hire a candidate their workforce solutions (i.e. staffing) partner sends, even at the end of the predetermined trial period.
  • Ability to review the candidate – the period of time when the candidate is working for you while operating under the umbrella of your workforce solutions partner is basically a working interview. During this period of time, you can evaluate the intangible characteristics that cannot be easily ascertained during the interview such as the ability to follow directions, multi-task, work under pressure or get along with co-workers
  • Reduced hiring time – temp-to-hire candidates have been pre-screened and qualified by your partner to ensure that there is a skill match for the job. Your partner also conducts drug screens, background checks, work eligibility verification, safety training, orientation, and payroll/benefits management.
  • Evaluate long-term hiring need – the economy is growing in spurts. If you are not sure of the long-term viability of a newly created position, leveraging a temp-to-hire workforce can give you the time to verify that the position is necessary and can be sustained during the normal ebbs and flows of the business cycle.
  • Peace of mind – “lack of cultural fit” (no matter how it is communicated) is the number one reason new hires quit. With temp-to-hire staffing, you and your candidate will know whether or not the two of you will “mesh” – both regarding skills and fit.

Here is where Snelling can help. We actively recruit candidates that are ultimately seeking full-time employment. For over the last 60 years, we have delivered quality temp-to-hire candidates to our client base, effortlessly converting successful performers to traditional, full-time positions in your company. Let us partner with you today to relieve you of the work associated with hiring full-time employees, and give you the peace of mind that the workers you employ are the “best fit” for your team and company. Locate and contact your local Snelling office, today.