Excellent recruiters at the best staffing firms are worth their weight in gold. Temporary healthcare providers and other medical professionals who are looking to make a career change are repeatedly told to find a dependable recruiter to guide them through the industry.

As a facility, you also want to make sure that you are working with healthcare staffing companies that hire and retain the best recruiters in the business. Great recruiters attract the best medical professionals. They can help you streamline the recruiting process and maximize your bottom line.  They can be a lifeline in a world where an open position can remain unfilled for months.

Work as an extension of you

Great healthcare recruiters get to know the needs of your facility and its individual departments. Because of this they can fill job openings efficiently.

Because all they do is recruit, great recruiters have established databases with deep pools of talent.  They are constantly sourcing and exciting passive candidates about opportunities.  This means that candidates can be brought in for open positions without endless cold calling and time-consuming direct recruitment activities…especially for hard-to-fill positions.  

Cost Effective Recruiting

Recruiting is about filtering. Great recruiters spend their time assessing each and every candidate’s fit for a specific job.  This makes for a very efficient process, and the more efficient your process, the lower your costs.

Besides focusing on high-value passive candidates, a good recruiter is able to accessed previously sourced candidates without incurring additional costs.  They are able to bring in the right candidates, because they understand your industry and can use industry language in job postings that are consistent with your facility’s culture.

Ahead of the Trends

A great recruiter also stays on top of trends.  Talent branding (branding your facility as a great place to work), mobile recruiting and social recruiting are all key trends right now.

Another big challenge right now is accounting for “soft skills” such as customer service and cultural fit.  Under new healthcare mandates, facilities have to deliver “service excellence” to patients.  If you do not deliver high marks on patient surveys, it can definitely affect your bottom line, by limiting reimbursement, etc.

So partner with a staffing firm – like Snelling – that uses the best medical recruiters.  Great recruiters match qualified staff to the right positions, but do not expect him / her to read your mind.  Think about the type of person you are looking for and then tell your recruiter exactly what you are looking for.  Let us help you to maximize your recruiting efforts, and become the workplace of choice for the best medical professionals out there.