Portraits of people thinkingMany job seekers struggle with the idea of taking on a temporary job. They feel that temporary work does not provide the same opportunities, is not stable, or pay as well as a traditional, full-time, “permanent” job.

But none of that is true. Staffing firms – like Snelling – are always looking for talented, hard-working people to work in a wide range of jobs.

Still not convinced?  Well, let’s review 4 good reasons to take a temporary job.

Can lead to direct employment.  In a recent American Staffing Association (ASA) survey, 41% of staffing employees have reported landing full-time employment. More and more companies are using temporary-to-hire arrangements as a key hiring strategy. But it is not just a one-way street. Working on temporary assignments allows you to see what it’s really like to work at a particular cmpany, while showcasing what job skills you can bring to the table. How many people have taken jobs only to discover that the reality is far, far different than the picture painted during the interview?  The same goes for the employer. So if the employer is impressed with your performance, they can work with the staffing firm to hire you directly. 

Flexibility. Need to work a certain shift? Want to fill some free time by earning extra cash? Want to take off certain months of the year? Full time employment is not for everyone. When you work as a temporary employee, you have the power to choose your assignments, so you can control when, where and how much you work.

Broadens your skill base. Temporary assignments are a great way to build and expand your skills. Are you a print designer and need experience doing digital design work?  Well you could learn on your own, pay for that training (on your own dime) or take a temporary job where you could cross train on digital design and have something to add to your portfolio. With each assignment, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities, broaden your network, gain additional skills and make yourself more marketable.

Access. There is such a thing as a hidden job market. Simply applying to jobs that come across job boards is not going to give you access to the best jobs out there, and (as mentioned above) many key employers use temporary assignments as a way to vet job candidates. Your staffing agency has access to a wide range of employers and can help you find a great job in a lot less time.

So temporary work could be right for you after all. So if you are actively looking for your next, best opportunity, what is the harm in checking it out?  When you work with Snelling, we get to work analyzing your skills, your career aspirations and what you are looking for in your best-fit job. Contact us today!