5 Common Interview Questions to Be Prepared For
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Above are some of the well-worn Google search phrases that job seekers use to find the magic answers to anticipated interview questions.

The Internet is littered with many of them…some of them very odd.

For example, last year it was reported that Google (the company) asked candidates to choose the one song that they would want to play every time they entered a room for the rest of their life.  Apple reportedly asked “how many children are born every day?” Even St. Jude Medical got in on the fun by asking “why are manhole covers round?”

However, there are some common interview questions that most (but not all) interviewers will ask.  According to Monster, the top 5 (and their answers) include:

  • What are your strengths?
    • This should be fairly easy to answer, because you know what you are good at. Keep in mind though, that you need to align each strength with a skill that the company is looking for. If you are good at volleyball, and you are interviewing for a bookkeeping job, no one will care.  A good place to find the needed skills is in the job description.
  • What are your weaknesses?
    • It is by far and away the most dreaded question in an interview. It is fairly easy to talk about strengths, but weaknesses can be tricky.  Many interviewees simply resort to trite, overused phrases such as “I work too hard” or “I get too focused on the job at hand”.  Ho-hum. The problem with overused phrases is that managers have heard them – many times.  Bring up a real work-related weakness, but only if it is something that you have worked to successfully overcome…and mention that fact as well.
  • Why are you interested in working here?
    • By asking this question, interviewers are looking for a sense of commitment to their open jobs and their company. They are trying to determine whether you really want the job OR if you are looking to simply to fill a gap in your resume OR if you are flooding the market with job applications. If you are doing the latter 2, you will (most likely) quit, which is expensive and time consuming for the hiring company. Therefore, do not give them an answer that implies that no commitment exists; you will probably not get offered the job.
  • Why did you leave (or are you leaving) your job?
    • There is no real way around this question. You have to answer truthfully.  If you are unemployed, state the reason in a positive context.  If you are employed, focus on what you want to do in your next job, not on what you do not get to do in your current job.
  • What makes you unique?
    • The chances are very good that you will get asked this question, so prepare for it – now. As you read this, assess your experience, skills, and personality traits that would benefit you for the job you are applying for.  Write them down and memorize them.

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