three number IIIf you’re like most job seekers, you follow a set routine when looking for a new job.  You network, check online postings, and (well) maybe cross your fingers and pray a lot. When you locate an interesting job, you write a targeted cover letter and enclose it with your résumé.  You then research the company and practice for the interview.

The problem almost every other job seekers is doing the.exact.same.thing. So, you need to try to stand out from the crowd.  This is where the idea of chunking can help

Definition of chunking

Chunking (sometimes known as the Rule of 3) determines what people remember about you.  The concept is based on the fact that human brain has a small, finite limit to what it can juggle in working memory at one time.

To make it easier to remember things, our brain organizes material into shorter, more meaningful groups. In other words, a “chunk” represents the most meaningful amount of data that our short-term memories can hold.

Chunking occurs every day.  It helps us understand, comprehend and remember key information.  Teachers actively incorporate chunking into their lesson plans to help student learn.  This blog incorporated chunking in the first paragraph.

Research has shown that the ideal size for a “chunk” of letters and numbers is 3 (hence the phrase “Rule of 3”).  A close second is a group of 4 letters or numbers.  A phone number is one of the best examples of a chunk, with its two groups of 3 and 4 numbers.

Chunking in the job search

Understanding the concept of chunking and the Rule of 3 can help you in your job search; it will help potential employers to remember you. So present your information to them in groups of three.  As you…

  • … create a targeted résumé and cover letter, list your accomplishments and job duties in groups of 3
  • … refine your elevator pitch, focus on three key skill sets
  • …prepare for your next interview, pick 3 examples, 3 keys points and/or 3 ideas that best illustrate your message

When you are ready to begin your search for your next best-fit job, Snelling can help. We know are local markets, and we can help you stand out from the crowds.  So once you are finished reworking the concept of chunks into your resume, send it to us! We look forward to hearing from you.