take a temp to hire jobAs you try to find employment, you may have to ask yourself, “Should I take a temp to perm job”?  It is a question many job seekers are facing. Many companies today are opting to hire new employees in this manner vs. simply hiring directly.

But do you know what a temp to perm position really entails? Well, many companies decide to work with a staffing firm, such as Snelling, to help them recruit the workers they need…sometimes as full-time employees, but many times as temporary workers. Sometimes, however, companies want to bring on a full-time employee but (for a variety of reasons) they want to try the person out first to see if they would be a good fit in terms of skills and personality. The length of time can vary – usually anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Welcome to the world of temp to perm. It is a great world, but many job seekers have turned these positions down because of the negative connotations associated with temporary employment.


However, by looking past these connotations, you will discover a ton of benefits of temporary-to-permanent employment, which include:

Try Before You Buy Mentality – No matter what you call it – a “test drive” or an “extended interview”, temp to perm allows you to experience every single thing the job has to offer. Interviews are short and intense; they are not always the best indicator of your success on the actual job. With temp-to-perm, you have the chance to “prove your worth”. This greatly improves your chances of achieving long-term employment.  If the job is not what you want/need/desire, it is much easier for you to extricate yourself from a short-term contract position than abruptly quit a salaried job.

Expand your Skill Base – Working in a temp-to-perm position is a great opportunity to learn another line of business, acquire new skills or absorb information that could be useful in the future. If an offer is extended, you will have all the tools to succeed on the job. If an offer is not extended, you will have escalated your market value as a job seeker.
On the Job

Truth be told that once you begin work, it will become much easier to tell if a job is a true temp to perm position. But you need to be observant. One of the reasons employers create temp to perm positions is to determine if there is a genuine need. Consistent work and busy days are excellent signs that the job will convert to full-time, but considerable downtime and dwindling duties do not bode well.

Another sign is whether you are provided with the equipment and the supplies you need to do your job.  If you are working with ancient equipment and having to provide or borrow items you need, the company is treating your position as an afterthought.  This is a big indication that you are not being thought of as an investment. Now, neither of these points are reasons to bolt. They are simply clues to help you determine if this job holds any potential and is the job for you.

A Final Thought

Another huge point to consider is the staffing firm you work with. Temp to perm conversion rates vary widely, but if the staffing agency reports high conversion rates, then you are working with a staffing firm (and a recruiter) who is excellent at matching candidates with companies. So if you are looking to find employment, work with Snelling Staffing.  We have the connections and the experience to match you with the opportunities that fit your skills and goals.  Contact us today!