Job Hunt and Following Up |Staffing Firm SnellingYou just had an interview and everything went well…very well. However, you know that you are not the only candidate; therefore, your job is not done. If the employer is still interviewing candidates, it could be a couple of weeks (or months) before they make their final decision. Therefore, you need to stay in touch during this time in order to stay top of mind.  But there is a fine line between “top of mind” and “pain in the neck”.  As a leading staffing firm, who works with thousands of job seekers and hundreds of employers every month, Snelling has a few tips on how to effectively follow up without becoming an annoyance.

Start before you leave

At the end of the interview ask about next steps; that way you know exactly when it is acceptable to follow up and remind the recruiter of the timetable that was given.  However, if you have been told that it will be 2 weeks because key people are on vacation (it happens), do not start sending emails on day 4. Pushy is not pretty.

Get that Thank You Note Out Immediately

Today, it is perfectly acceptable to send a thank you note as an email. However, do not downplay the power of a handwritten note – in the right situation. It is different and unique (in today’s age of mobile phone and streaming video); therefore, it stands out and could leave a great impression.  However, it is important to pay attention to the personality of the interviewing manager and pick up on the much needed clues to see which format would work best.

Ask If You Can Connect On LinkedIn

It is perfectly acceptable to connect with your interviewer, recruiter or hiring manager on LinkedIn – with one caveat. You need to craft a logical reason for connecting. Think back to the interview.  Were you able to provide a source of information that the interviewer was not aware of?  Do you know someone that the interviewer would be interested in meeting? When you ask for the connection, mention the reason in your comment. This allows you to connect on LinkedIn and provide value to the interviewer, helping you stay directly top of mind.

Follow-Up Periodically

This does not mean sending off an email every other day, but if the hiring process drags on longer than you were initially told AND you have been told you are still being considered, then a periodic follow-up is important. It lets everyone know you are still interested.

Do Not Make a Personal Visit

Whatever you do, do not stop by the office to check in. Employers are busy and by showing up unannounced, you will cause eyebrows to be raised.  You may even be considered as borderline scary.  So unless the hiring manager explicitly invites you back into the office, do not show up.

Didn’t get the job? 

Let the experienced recruiters at one of the leading staffing firms in the country help.  At Snelling, we know how to match candidates with their best fit job. We have the expertise and the knowledge you need, so working with us should be a no-brainer. If that sounds good, let’s get started. Locate your local Snelling office and contact us today.