job-search-holidayMany people often stop their job search between Thanksgiving and the New Year. They figure that it is pointless because “everyone” is on vacation and “all” offices are shut down.

This is a huge mistake. In fact, January has historically been one of the most competitive job markets of the year. Why? Because everyone stops searches in December, and then floods the market in January.  By focusing on your search – throughout the year – you stay ahead of the flood, and you might even land your best-fit job in the new year.

The Holidays Are a Good Time to Job Search

It is true, many people do take vacation during the month of December, but many don’t.  Someone has to keep the lights on. During the week between Christmas and New Year’s, many executive gatekeepers are not around. This is when mid-level managers – you know, the ones that make the majority of the hiring decisions – are left in charge, and they do not have much on their calendar. This makes that week the perfect time to reach out and have a conversation or set up an informational interview.  Pick up the phone or shoot off an email and start making some connections.

Keep your momentum going. Here are 6 ways to make the job search a wee bit easier over the holidays – from your friends at Snelling:

Reduce Stress….Close your Eyes and Breathe

Feel like there are too few hours in a day? Not sleeping very well? Concerned about your job, your family, or the economy? Well, both those thoughts and that lack of sleep are not going to do you any good. So sit back in your chair, close your eyes, and practice some deep breathing. Take a long breath in and then slowly exhale. Repeat several times. You will be amazed how much focused, deep breaths can help alleviate anxiety.

Still Stressed….Walk Away

Don’t stop there; get up and stretch; take a brisk walk; go to lunch with a friend. Or even better, join a friend for a workout over your lunch break. Taking “some time off” from your job search helps immensely to cut the stress and recharge.

Change your Attitude

Yes, you are “working”. Looking for a new job is a job in itself.  But let yourself play a little bit as well.  Go to those holiday get-togethers you were invited to. Reconnect with long lost acquaintances; you will be surprised at who you meet and what you learn. When – or if – you’re asked mention your interest in finding a new job, saying specifically what kind of work you want. Be prepared to name two or three target employers in one to two target industries.


The holidays are a busy time, and it is easy to get sidetracked. To keep this from happening, keep a prioritized to-do list, set daily goals, and then focus on them … one day at a time.

Find Balance

Try not to take your work home with you. If you are job searching from home, find a room where you keep everything, and, at the end of the day, close the door. Family and friends are important during the holidays. You need to find a balance. If family is not nearby, embrace a hobby, go to the gym (exercise is wonderful for eradicating negative thoughts). Do something every day that makes you smile.

Get Help

Whether you’re under pressure to get work done, or are anxious over your current job situation, Snelling Staffing has the resources you need to help you get your next best-fit job. We understand that hiring happens all year round, so we are constantly working with local employers to fill their hiring needs, and we may be able to place to you in your next great job.  So locate your closest Snelling office, and contact us today!