Vendor on Premise Winning SolutionA vendor on premise (VOP) relationship exists when a staffing firm (in this case Snelling) provides an on-site representative who will handle every detail regarding the sourcing, managing and tracking of your temporary (ie. contingent) workforce. In essence, this coordinator acts as an extension of your HR department to streamline your staffing function. This allows your internal HR department to focus on more strategic issues and on the needs of your full-time employees, helping to reduce turnover.

If you utilize a large temporary workforce, a VOP relationship can make staffing much easier and less costly for you by:

Lowering and controlling labor and HR costs

– Dedicated on-site personnel provide a single point of contact and support to resolve all payroll and administrative issues, including the distribution of paychecks.

Reducing site downtime

– The VOP representative handles the scheduling for the temporary workforce to ensure all areas are adequately staffed.

Effectively scaling the workforce up and down

–The staffing representative evaluates personnel needs to plan for peak and non-peak periods and then handles all temporary worker reassignments.

Reducing time to fill

– Continuously recruits new temporary employees directly at your site, ensuring the largest possible pool of candidates.
– Screens, interviews and skill-tests candidates before they are approved to work.
– Checks references, and if required, handles all applicant drug testing.

Improving temporary worker productivity

– Handles the daily deployment of temporary workers to get them on-task quickly.
– Makes daily rounds to ensure temporary workers stay productive.

Improving process efficiencies

– Provides detailed, customized reports around staffing usage, cost, attendance / tardiness and performance.
– Handles disciplinary issues, performs reviews and troubleshoots any / all problems.

Ensuring Safety

– Provides customized onboarding for all new temporary workers to get them safely productive as quickly as possible.
–  Holds additional training sessions on processes and safety.

With a VOP you get all the benefits of having a dedicated member on your HR team, without having to pay that person a salary or benefits.  A vendor on premise relationship is a great way to create a seamless link between you and your staffing partner.

And with seamlessness comes huge benefits.  So if you would like to explore this option further, contact us here at Snelling and let’s get started.