3 Really Good Reasons for Background Checks

If you are considering using temporary workers to supplement your current workforce in 2017, you are not alone.

It is predicted that by 2020, contingent workers will make up more than 40 percent of the entire U.S. workforce. So where is your competitive advantage, if everyone is doing it?

Well, your competitive advantage is the staffing firm you choose to partner with. Reputable temporary staffing firms ― like Snelling ― effectively manage the recruitment (from sourcing to screening to onboarding) of the temporary workers who will show up to your place of business.  In addition, they handle payroll and benefits administration, giving you even more time to focus on what is truly important ― growing your business.


An extremely important component of the hiring process is the screening process, including comprehensive background checks on all candidates. There are many staffing firms that do not conduct background checks. Do not work with these staffing firms. Background checks ensure that you know who is walking in and out of your business every day. When staffing firms conduct background checks, they protect you, your employees, and your business.

Here are 3 key benefits of background checks:

Detecting false information

A 2012 survey conducted by ADP, The Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM), and Accu-Screen found that:

  • 53 percent of resumes and job applications contain incidences of false information
  • 70 percent of college graduates admitted they would lie on a resume to get a job they really wanted
  • 21 percent of resumes contain false college degrees or other misleading educational data

The pressure to stand out and land a job can be pretty intense, especially in a competitive job market. Background checks ensure that the applicant has the experience and the training that he says he does. Hiring an unqualified person who happens to interview well does no one any good. It also causes a ton of financial repercussions as you try to deal with the costs of a bad hire.

Detecting criminal activity

According to the 2013 testimony of a Justice Department official, one out of every three Americans has some sort of criminal record. This often includes an arrest that didn’t lead to a conviction OR a conviction that didn’t result in jail time OR a conviction for a non-violent crime (like check fraud, DUI, etc.) This can be a tricky issue. Both Dollar General and a U.S. subsidiary of BMW have been taken to court by the EEOC for turning away “new hires based on criminal background checks.” The EEOC claimed that both companies “should have considered each applicant individually and evaluated whether his or her past arrest or crime had any bearing on the job for which they applied.” When you work with a reputable staffing firm that conducts background checks and evaluates each candidate’s potential, you can rest easily that you have all your legal bases covered.

Protection against injuries and negligent hiring suits

Going to court is expensive. But if you hire someone who is unqualified for the job (and you had the resources to find that out with a wee bit of due diligence), and she causes an injury on the job, you will probably get slapped with a negligent hiring lawsuit. This can get very expensive.  For example:

  • A furniture company was found liable for $2.5 million for the negligent hiring and retention of a deliveryman who attacked a female customer in her home. (Tallahassee Furniture Co., Inc. v. Harrison)
  • A timber company was ordered to pay the family of an Arkansas truck driver $7 million for the negligent hiring / retention of a tractor trailer driver. This driver had a history of unsafe driving that included having his license revoked twice. In 2008, this driver caused an accident that killed the Arkansas truck driver. (Reagan et al v. Dunaway Timber Company et al)

So, if you are looking to meet your immediate staffing needs by seeking temporary workers, work with a reputable staffing firm – like Snelling. To find out more about the types of background checks we run and how we can help protect you, locate your closest Snelling office and contact us today.