Registered with Snelling Staffing? Here are 3 Tips to Be Successful

Do you want to switch careers? Looking to gain experience? On a hunt for a new job? Need a flexible schedule?

People register with Snelling for many reasons. Some “know the ropes,” when it comes to working with a staffing firm, and to some, it is a whole new world. No matter what end of the spectrum you fall on, your goal (and ours as well) is to be successful. It helps you, it helps our clients, and (if we are being completely honest) it helps us.

Therefore, here at Snelling, we are sharing 3 very important tips to make our relationship with you as awesome as we know it can be AND to find you your next best-fit job / assignment.

Be prepared and professional when we send you to work assignments or for interviews.

If you’re looking for full-time employment through Snelling, we will send you to interviews with local employers. If you are looking for temporary employment, we will send you to local companies for your assignments. You should be prepared and professional at all times. For example:

  • Before you start, do your research. Your Snelling recruiter will give you information on the employer and the available job or assignment, but you should do more research. LinkedIn is a great place to learn about the hiring manager. Google the company and check out their website. Try to learn as much about their product / service line and culture as you can. It will help you land the job or get asked back for additional assignments.
  • Be honest.  Whatever you do, do not lie about your skill sets, capabilities or past accomplishments. You will get caught, and it will not bode well for your job search.
  • Do not talk about pay, benefits or time off. Do not pester the supervising manager for information regarding whether they will make you an offer (or not). Your Snelling recruiter is the best person to address these issues with.
  • Never, ever disparage former employers or co-workers.

Communicate with your recruiter.

Communication is the key to success. Your recruiter wants you to be successful, but (s)he cannot do all the work her/himself. If you are going through the interview process with one of our client companies, we will keep you updated on where they are in the hiring process.  We will also share information provided to us by the supervisor managers. However, you do need to actively communicate as well. For example:

  • Provide candid feedback after every assignment and/or interview. If we know what you liked and what you did not, we can continue to make better and better matches for you.
  • If you are looking for full-time employment, keep us updated on your job search.

Keep us updated on any changes in education and skills.

Have you updated your resume? Send it to us. Did you earn a much needed certification? Let us know. Take any additional classes towards a degree? Notify us. Basically, when you keep us up-to-date with what is going on with you, you help us market you better to our clients and increase your earning potential.

Registered with Snelling? Succeed with Snelling

Snelling has decades of experience connecting great workers with quality local jobs. We can provide the best of both worlds – the experience you need to find hidden opportunities with local employers plus the reach of a national recruiting organization. We can be a great job search partner. So contact us today and learn more about the jobs we have available right now.