How to Get Hired for Jobs Before They are on the Job Boards

The competition for jobs can be tough, especially for those jobs you are going to find on online job boards. If you are tired of competing with (up to) several dozen job seekers, you should try to get hired for jobs before they are on the job boards. Once a job is posted online, you will simply be one of many nameless faces.

You could be the best fit applicant, but it will be hard to stand out. And that could stop you in your tracks from ever being hired.  So how can you find those key jobs first ― before they are posted on the job boards?  Well, here are 4 tips from your friends at Snelling.


You’ve probably heard many times that networking needs to be a key component of your job search. Heck, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you have probably read it many times. The reason is because it’s true. Getting out and meeting people is a great job search tactic.  Managers at growing companies may only have a vague sense that they need to hire someone. They may realize that there are issues, but they might not know exactly who they need to hire. When you meet that decision-maker and are able to show off your abilities, you might land yourself a job before it is posted on a job board.

Target Your Search

And speaking of growing companies, do some research and target local high-growth companies in your job search. Growth sucks time, and (in many cases) growing companies know they need to hire people, but they simply do not have the bandwidth to heavily recruit. Once you identify those companies, visit the career section of their websites. This could be a very labor-intensive exercise, but it will provide you with a lot of information about the company, its culture and the type of job you want or the type of equipment / software / processes you are  trained to use.

Use Social Media

Everyone has heard of that one person who has tweeted his way to a job. Let’s face facts….tweeting (or “liking”) your way to a job is probably not going to happen. But you can use social media creatively in your job search. Again you can learn a lot about a company by watching what they share online. For example, if a company expands into a new market or industry, part of their strategy will include an online social aspect. You can learn who the real decision makers and (LinkedIn) influencers are (HINT: check out their followers). Follow and then engage them in a thoughtful way ― something more than “hey, can I have a job?”

Work with a Reputable Staffing Firm

Even though we listed this as the last of the four tips, working with a reputable staffing firm is one of best ways to find a get hired for jobs before they are on the job boards. Work with a staffing firm recruiter who knows your industry and the local job market. Tell them what you are looking for, share your skills, and be open to their suggestions.  For example, accept offers for temporary employment. Temporary work is one of the best ways to (again) help a hiring manager identify the fact that she NEEDS you.

Snelling can definitely help you find one of those jobs before they are posted on the job boards. We know the local community, and we have developed strong relationships with local employers. We can help you land your next job, so if you need help finding jobs before they are on the job boards, locate your local Snelling office today.