Do You Have the Three Skills IT Hiring Managers Want?

Hiring managers are struggling to find the right IT candidate with the right combination of skills for the job. According to a recent survey, almost 60% of IT leaders say the skills gap within the field severely or moderately impacts their organization.

The ideal IT candidate scores high marks across three key categories.

Technical Skills

When trying to secure an interview, technical skills matter. Most hiring managers match the skills listed on your resume to the job description to decide if you should be offered an interview. Although the exact skill-set varies by job and industry, basic technical abilities such as programming knowledge and project management skills are vital to any IT professional.

Remember, the right certifications and project experience can set your resume apart but don’t just list out your skills. Provide examples of how past projects, certifications or initiatives led to positive outcomes or change for previous employers. If relevant, include how your performance improved the organization’s bottom line or helped to meet goals/objectives.

Interpersonal Skills

It’s not always about acquired technical knowledge – hiring managers place equal emphasis on interpersonal skills. The right IT candidate should be able to take direction, but also think for themselves and contribute appropriate feedback.

To determine your interpersonal skills, hiring managers study your mannerisms and nonverbal cues during an interview. They may even ask behavioral questions to put your interpersonal skills to the test. Here are a few examples of behavior-based questions:

  • Tell me about a situation in which you had to make an immediate decision
  • Tell me about a time when you had to deal with conflict with a team member
  • Describe a time when you were involved in a stressful situation, but still got the job done

Keep in mind, the person interviewing you may not necessarily be looking for a success story. If you’re asked about a situation that went wrong, explain how you dealt with it, what you learned and what steps you took to construct a positive conclusion.

Cultural Fit

Nearly 70% of IT hiring managers say cultural fit plays a significant role in your assessment as a candidate. The ideal candidate values understanding the workplace culture and shows a vested interest in making the group better. The candidate who fits in with the team will land the job.

Research the company ahead of time. Most companies have a mission statement or “About Us” section on their website. During an interview, remember to ask questions about the company culture and make sure to communicate why you would be a good fit.

A company’s culture can also be assessed by talking to past employees in person or via LinkedIn, checking employer review sites like Glassdoor or by speaking with an informed recruiter.

It takes more than one factor to grab the attention of an IT hiring manager. Locate your local Snelling Staffing Services and let us help you land the job.