10 Most In-Demand Information Technology Skills

If you’re considering making a career move in the information technology field, now is the time. According to CareerBuilder’s Midyear Forecast, IT is projected to lead all industries in hiring for the second half of 2017. Over 70% of employers plan to hire IT professionals by the end of the year. Understanding the skills hiring managers need is key to landing a job in this field. Here are 10 of today’s most in-demand IT skills.


Cyber attacks are on the rise across the globe. Hackers are targeting businesses to steal valuable information or bring computer networks to a halt. Information security experts are valued for their ability to protect data and information from such attacks. Aside from planning and implementing security measures, these pros are expected to stay up-to-date on the latest intelligence to foresee potential security breaches. They also are responsible for preventing data loss and service interruptions in the case of a breach.

Mobile Applications & Device Management

Several years into the mobile revolution, mobile initiatives remain top of mind for IT leaders. Proficiency in mobile apps and device management are still among the most sought-after tech skills. Companies want existing platform and applications to open in a browser responsive manner. For that to happen, they need IT employees with mobile app development know-how.


Over the last decade, countless companies have moved their infrastructure to the cloud. With the use of the cloud expanding, a range of new opportunities has been created for IT pros. While there’s no one skill linked with cloud computing or SaaS, organizations are seeking candidates with an assortment of experiences and competencies cloud-related positions.

Web Development

The internet is the tool today’s organizations use to connect employees, clients, partners and customers. Therefore, the job of a web developer continues to be in high demand. Employers are interested in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript expertise. According to the latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for web developers will grow quicker than for other tech professionals. In fact, the number of web development jobs is expected to grow by over 25% by 2024. The average projected rate of growth for all IT jobs in that same time frame is 12%.

Business Intelligence

As technology has become more prominent, there has been a surge of businesses harnessing the power of data to gain a competitive advantage. This has created a demand for tech pros who can transform data into insights for company leadership to drive business strategy. Top candidates for theses jobs often have math, engineering or statistical backgrounds. They are business-savvy and skilled in data-related programming languages like SQL.

Programming/Application Development

IT hiring managers cite programming and application development as the most desired skills of 2017. Companies require experts who can adjust applications, work on APIs and grow proprietary software. Systems must be managed and updated, further upholding the need for developers and programmers.

Project Management

Hiring managers expect candidates to have certifications and solid experience. Moreover, candidates must show they understand the technical and functional elements of the role and that they can communicate with people and lead teams. Because this is a highly-visible role, candidates must be a good culture fit, too.

Big Data

Companies are flooded with information from various sources, and they need knowledgeable people to dig out insights and value from the wealth of data. Big data professional who can build out current data sets are in high demand. They’re also looking for engineers and architects who have knowledge of big-data-oriented computer languages. Candidates with experience in specific industries are especially key.

Database Administration

According to recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s a great time to be a database administrator. The agency has pegged the rate of growth in employment opportunities for these professionals at 11% from 2014 to 2024. Employers expect top database administrators to have a range of skills: data modeling and database design rank high, as does the ability to ensure database performance and data reliability.

Help Desk/Technical Support

Demand is tremendous for IT specialists who can manage incoming tickets, as well as develop best practices and company policies. Despite the fact that technical support is sometimes seen as entry-level, companies require candidates to possess a diverse knowledge of hardware and software systems to handle inquiries and requests from all over the organization.

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