Ghosted After An Interview? Here’s What To Do Next.

It goes like this: Two people meet, and things seem to be going well. After a few phone calls and maybe even a date (or two), one person vanishes with no communication of any kind to the other.

We all know what ghosting is when it comes to dating — but did you know that you can be ghosted during the job search as well? That’s right: a potential employer could bring you in for an interview, only to never call again. Instead, you see the job listing disappear from the company’s website, only to be replaced shortly after with a fresh face on the “Meet Our Team” page. Ouch.

Known as “professional ghosting,” more and more companies are leaving prospective candidates hanging. Here are a few tips to handle the uncomfortable situation.

Discuss Next Steps Before Leaving the Interview

Never leave an interview without understanding what the next steps are and who the contact person will be moving forward. This will ensure you know their process and what to expect. You’ll also have the name and contact information of the person who you should talk to after the interview.

Send a Thank-You Card

Always remember to send a thank-you note within 24 hours of your interview. Thank the person who interviewed you for their time and re-state your interest in the position. While a handwritten card or genuine email won’t guarantee you’ll receive a job offer, the gesture increases the chances that you’ll at least get a callback. Writing a thank-you card opens the door to further communication with the hiring manager and leaves a good last impression.

Follow Up

If the hiring manager seems to have vanished, don’t give up quite yet — reach out to them via email. If you don’t hear back, pick up the phone and call them directly. When following up, never call or email empty-handed. If you’re reaching out to check on the job’s status, be sure to give the hiring manager a reason to reconsider you, in case he or she has moved on. Send new additions to your portfolio, offer new professional references, or update your writing samples. Throughout every stage of an interview, always try to get an idea of what the timeline is for hearing back or if the interviewer needs anything more from you.

Ask for Feedback

Even the best candidates can find themselves ghosted, so don’t take it to heart. Instead, take it as a learning opportunity. If a few more weeks go by without any response, check in with a brief message, recognizing that you’re probably not going to get the job, but saying that you’d love feedback to help you as your job search continues.

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