6 Tips to Find Better Candidates and Fill Open Jobs

Hiring new employees is a time-consuming and tedious process, and if you make a bad hire, it can be costly, too. Not only does it impact your bottom line, it can also affect office productivity and employee morale.

While there is no guaranteed method for completely avoiding bad hires, there are ways to significantly reduce the risk of choosing the wrong candidate while ensuring you’re attracting the best candidates for your positions.

Write an Accurate Job Posting

This may seem pretty basic, but it’s a step that often gets overlooked. Read over your current job postings – do they accurately describe the job? A great job posting should detail the job responsibilities and depict the individual who would be successful in that role. An easy way to write an effective job description is by evaluating the best qualities of people who currently hold the same or similar position in your company.

Ask for Employee Referrals

78% of recruiters in all industries say they find their best candidates through referrals. Hiring managers are more likely to hire a mutual connection or someone they trust compared to another applicant. In fact, many companies even incentivize their employees to tap their networks for potential job candidates, rewarding them with bonuses if their referrals are hired.

Tap Into Professional Networks

Take advantage of your industry contacts, association memberships, and trade groups for recruiting candidates. Create a master list of industry leaders and other potential employees from customers, colleagues, and friends and reach out to them when an opportunity

Get Social

In the era of online professional networking, job-seekers are using social media to find jobs and research your company. Take advantage of social platforms where job seekers already spend most of their time. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are great tools to leverage when sourcing for candidates. If your company already operates a Facebook page, post your job openings there. Even if your followers don’t identify with the position, providing a link will encourage them to share the job with someone whom they know who may be a better fit.

Provide Easy Apply Tools

You’ve probably heard the saying that “applying for jobs is a full-time job.” If your prospective candidates are forced to fill out several pages of information before even submitting a resume, there’s a good chance you’ll lose them before they apply. Job-seekers are busy. If your application process is complicated or cumbersome, your best candidates may go elsewhere. Your recruiting/hiring process is a reflection of your company. Make sure it shows that you are sensitive to the needs of their potentials candidates.

Partner With a Staffing Agency

Small businesses often lack an HR department to provide hiring services internally, making it difficult to move quickly enough to compete for top talent. Even big companies with HR staff can struggle to find the right fit. By working with a staffing agency like Snelling, you can achieve business goals and find the ideal staff for your organization — and save time and money in the process. As a true staffing partner, Snelling does more than file an online job posting and schedule interviews with candidates. Our team takes the time to understand your unique needs and ensure they know exactly what you’re looking for and find the candidates that will help make your company better.

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