New Year, New Career

If you’ve been thinking about shifting gears in your career, the new year is the perfect time to do so. Here are a few ways you can jump-start your job search in 2018.

Re-evaluate Your Priorities

Make a list of your most important career-related goals. Circle the top two and focus on achieving only those things first. Leave lower priority activities for later – even if they’ll “just take a minute.” Why? It’s a matter of focus. Doing the things that best serve your top career objectives will keep you from wasting time and energy on non-essential tasks.

Start a New Company: Me, Inc. 

This year, make career fulfillment the center of your life. Think of yourself not merely as a person looking for a job, but as a corporation that always acts in the best interests of its survival. Run your job search as a business: learn what’s going on in your market, think of your set of job skills as the products/services you sell, and view potential employers as your customer base.

Brush Up on Hard Job Skills

Industries, technologies, and work environments are continually changing – are you keeping pace? Renew your commitment to education, ensuring that your knowledge base, certifications, and vital job skills stay current. This will help your resume stand out amongst a sea of resumes.

Update Your 60-Second Elevator Pitch

Take a fresh look at your personal brand. Scan your calendar, status reports, computer files, etc. to determine the achievements that make you more employable than you were a year ago. Write down a list of your significant accomplishments and work those into your elevator pitch.

Read to Stay Current

Make information-seeking a habit.  Read one new book per month related to your industry or profession. Go online and find blogs written by industry leaders to stay up-to-date on trends. Scan them periodically to determine which are the best, and then subscribe to those RSS feeds so you automatically receive updates.  Information-seeking will not only make you more knowledgeable; it may also uncover new opportunities for employment. Staying current in your industry will assist you during an interview process.

Join a Group or Association

Join a professional group tied to your career field, a civic organization, or a networking association. Get-togethers and networking events are plentiful for members of these organizations. It’s an excellent way to meet new people, learn new things, and land the job you want.

Enlist Expert Help

At Snelling, we offer a wide range of employment opportunities to achieve your career and personal goals. With over 65 years in the staffing and recruiting business, we have deep connections with leading employers, and we can provide access to top companies and positions in your community.

If you’re ready to make a career change, Snelling can help. Find your next opportunity now.