10 Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

In today’s job market, it’s easy to get discouraged.  Competition is fierce and good jobs are harder to come by. It’s essential, however, for you to stay focused and motivated during this difficult time.  Why?  Recruiters and employers are trained to gauge your attitude and enthusiasm – it’s critical to show them that you’re optimistic […]

How to Ace a Behavioral Interview

“Tell me about the most difficult project you’ve worked on and how that helped you develop professionally.” “Describe the most creative idea that you’ve implemented to solve a problem.” “Tell me about a time you took initiative and went above and beyond the call of duty.” If you’ve ever heard questions like these during the […]

Great Ways to Get More Organized

You know who you are. You’re well-intentioned and perhaps even quite ambitious.  On the outside, you may seem to “have it all together” – at least to those who don’t have to work closely with you.  Those in your inner circle know, however, that as wonderful as you otherwise are, you frequently operate in a […]

Walking the Line: Be Wise When Using Facebook

By now, you probably understand the potential pitfalls of using social media such as Facebook.  One mis-click can seriously damage your professional reputation – forever. So when co-workers and other associates want to connect with you online, what’s the smartest way to manage your social media accounts?  Here are some tips for successfully mixing business […]

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Manager?

A bigger paycheck.  More authority.  The ability to make a greater organizational impact.  Increased autonomy. The upsides to management are tempting – who wouldn’t want more money and power?  But along with these advantages come greater responsibility, higher expectations and accountability for your own actions, as well as your team’s.  So before you jump at […]

Managing Technology Stress

Suffering from blurred vision?  Tingling fingers?  Scattered thoughts?  Mental fatigue? You may be feeling the effects of technostress. From telecommuting and online shopping, to the explosive social media craze, so much of what we do has become dependent on technology.  As a society, we love our I-Pads, Blackberries and Wiis – they help us get […]

Finding a Job That You Love

Katie volunteers at the animal shelter every Thursday after work.  When she arrives and sees the tiny, rescued puppies or the beautiful cat that made a miraculous recovery, she forgets the time.  She forgets she’s already worked eight hours.  She forgets about muddy paws, and beams at the sound of ten dogs barking for attention. […]

In Focus: the 21st Century Temporary

The nature of our workforce is changing. The recent recession, a truly global economy, the advent of technology that allows people to work from anywhere at any time – these factors and more have fundamentally shifted the way employers get work done.  More and more, temporary employees are becoming a permanent part of today’s workforce. […]