2017 Job Outlook – Who Will Hire Like Crazy (and Who Won’t)

U.S. small business owners are the most optimistic they have been since July 2007. “Great,” you are thinking, “but what does that mean for me as far as my job search is concerned?”  Well, it can mean a great deal.  As small businesses (and their larger counterparts) ramp up to support their new business initiatives, […]

10 Ways to Stand Out During a Job Interview

Your First Impression 1. Understand the importance of your first impression during a job interview and know that it starts at the door. The person who greets you will probably not be the hiring manager, but he will probably be asked of what he thought of you. Think about dating (which does have some similarities […]

How to Determine the Potential of a Temporary-to-Hire Position

Temp-to-hire (or temp-to-perm, as they are sometimes known) are becoming very popular with employers. They provide many benefits to job hunters, but, in many ways, they’re viewed skeptically by a large portion of these job hunters. The are several reasons (for both sides). Employers see temp-to-perm jobs as great ways to effectively see if 1) […]

8 Online Sites to Help You Prepare for Your Technical Interview

During any job interview, there are several steps that you must progress through – the initial screening interviews, then the in-person interviews.  However, for an IT job, there is one more step – the technical interview. The technical interview is the proverbial double-edge sword. Once you make it here, you know you have made the […]

5 Tips to Address Gaps in Your Employment History

Gaps in your employment history.  Many people have them.  It’s life; we take time off to raise kids or go back to school or are laid-off, and it takes a while to find the next best-fit job. You need to address gaps in your employment history. Recruiters and hiring managers will address them when they […]

As a Military Vet Land a Top Paying Job Without a Degree

As you begin your transition from a military world to the civilian workforce, you may be nervous about having to compete with university-trained civilians – especially if you enlisted right after high school. However, you are forgetting something – the specialized advanced training you received. Most active military personnel receive advanced training in their field; […]

Real-World Tips for Creating a Manufacturing Cover Letter

To land a manufacturing job today, you need skills. Technological advances have made most high-paying manufacturing jobs out of reach for those with just a high-school education.  However, once you gain your certifications – from NCCER or ISA or the American Welding Association – you need the marketing skills to promote yourself. It takes both […]

6 Ways to Make the Job Search a Wee Bit Easier Over the Holidays

Many people often stop their job search between Thanksgiving and the New Year. They figure that it is pointless because “everyone” is on vacation and “all” offices are shut down. This is a huge mistake. In fact, January has historically been one of the most competitive job markets of the year. Why? Because everyone stops […]

Six Steps to Avoid Being “Ghosted” During Your Job Hunt

Job hunting is a lot like dating. You put your best foot forward and submit your resume or fill out an application and you never hear back. Maybe you actually make it to the interview and think you did great only to be ghosted by your recruiter. There are so many facets that go into […]

6 Networking Tips That Boost Confidence During The Job Search

Many, many people think that they are not good at networking. They will do anything – anything at all – to avoid entering a room filled with people they do not know, much less walk up to anyone and try to have a conversation.  For these people, this lack of confidence takes one of the […]