First Impressions are Everything, Especially During Your Temporary Assignment

As you search for a new job, you may have noticed a significant trend. There are many jobs out there, but many of them are temporary or temp-to-hire positions. Don’t let this discourage you…temporary assignments are a great way to land a job. However, your level of success depends upon your ability to leverage the […]

As a Non-Tech Worker, You Can Succeed in a Tech Workplace

As you sit here and read this blog on your smartphone or tablet, have you thought about how technology and technology companies could be the next big step in your career – even if you do not have a technology degree? Tech skills are hard to find.  No one is going to dispute that. Tech […]

Learn to Follow Up After an Interview without Being a Pain in the Neck

You just had an interview and everything went well…very well. However, you know that you are not the only candidate; therefore, your job is not done. If the employer is still interviewing candidates, it could be a couple of weeks (or months) before they make their final decision. Therefore, you need to stay in touch […]

Questions You Should Never Ask During an Interview – Ever

As one of the top staffing agencies in the country, Snelling understands both sides of the hiring process.  We work with both employers and job seekers.  We are also an employer ourselves; we are constantly recruiting, in order to build up a talent pool that our clients can leverage. Therefore, we have the knowledge to […]

How to Know When a Temp-to-Perm Job is a Good Thing

As you try to find employment, you may have to ask yourself, “Should I take a temp to perm job”?  It is a question many job seekers are facing. Many companies today are opting to hire new employees in this manner vs. simply hiring directly. But do you know what a temp to perm position […]

How Chunking Can Help you Find a New Job

If you’re like most job seekers, you follow a set routine when looking for a new job.  You network, check online postings, and (well) maybe cross your fingers and pray a lot. When you locate an interesting job, you write a targeted cover letter and enclose it with your résumé.  You then research the company […]

5 Tips That Prove You Are Never Too Old…To Get Hired

Searching for a new job can feel daunting, but for those workers over the age of 50, ageism can add an extra dimension to the job search. In fact, if you were born before Gates and Jobs made the desktop computer a household commodity, age discrimination is probably one your biggest concerns. You are not […]

5 Common Interview Questions to Be Prepared For

Common Interview Questions Top interview questions Top 10 interview questions and answers Top interview questions and answers 2015 Above are some of the well-worn Google search phrases that job seekers use to find the magic answers to anticipated interview questions. The Internet is littered with many of them…some of them very odd. For example, last […]

5 Tips to Make the Most of your Job References

Most job seekers today know how important it is to have good job references.  Regardless of the employment opportunities, positive feedback from former employers can make all the difference between a job offer and hitting the streets again. But assembling a list of names is only the tip of the iceberg. Many job seekers fall […]

6 Ways to Build Your Online Reputation

As you progress through your job search, one fact of life will become abundantly clear.  All potential employers will search for you online; they will “google” you and use all social media sites that they can get their hands on. What they find (or, in some cases, don’t find) can measurable shorten or lengthen your […]