Improve Your Staffing Results: Practical Tips for Success

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell once said, “There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” I’m fairly certain he wasn’t referring to staffing services when he said those words. Still, the point General Powell makes is relevant for my industry.  During my years […]

Workplace Flexibility: Turning Concept Into Reality

Workplace flexibility is a fairly simple concept.  It involves adapting when, where and how employees work to better meet individual and business needs. But while it’s clear that more flexible workplaces enjoy a number of benefits – including improved engagement, retention and employee satisfaction – making flexible workforce strategies a reality has proven quite difficult […]

Test Your Staffing IQ

Do you “know your stuff” when it comes to staffing? Find out by taking this quick 5-question online quiz from the American Staffing Association.  It tests your knowledge of how staffing employees stack up against the traditional workforce and how they view their jobs.  As you take the quiz, you can even learn how your […]

What Does "People +" Mean for Your Organization?

Insight.  Business savvy.  Dedication.  Hometown roots.  Qualities like these have fueled the success of American businesses for decades. As part of Snelling’s 60th Anniversary celebration, we’ve renewed our commitment to helping companies like yours sustain that success.  To this end, we’ll deliver only the best-fit candidates for your needs. Our best-fit candidates have the right […]

How Can Contingent Staff Boost Your Company's Profitability?

Looking for ways to improve your company’s bottom line?  Smart use of contingent labor may be one of your best options. According to industry statistics shared at the 2011 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum, the largest users of staffing services (companies using 1,000+ temporary and/or contract employees) report a labor cost savings of roughly 13%.  […]

Technology Tipping Point: How to Prevent Electronic Communication from Inhibiting Employees' Productivity and Communication

From cloud computing to texting, voicemail to social media, technology has vastly improved our business communications – right? Maybe, maybe not.  Electronic communication is certainly intended to yield tangible benefits (such as cost savings, shortened response times and simultaneous connection to multiple parties).  However, a lack of coordination and failure to critically examine how technology […]

Staffing Economics: You Get What You Pay For

“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” —James Goldsmith, businessman, publisher, politician Years of belt tightening and budget slashing have conditioned employers to look for the cheapest option when it comes to staffing.  Although you may be tempted to choose a staffing firm based solely on price, it’s important to remember that the lowest price […]

Still Hiring on Your Own? Beware of These Hidden Costs and Time-Stealers

Do you know what it really costs to hire a top performer for your organization? Sure, there are the obvious expenses of: Recruiting – creating job descriptions; sourcing, interviewing and selecting candidates. Onboarding – presenting offers, orienting new employees. Employment – salary, benefits, payroll expenses, etc. Unfortunately, however, these costs represent just the tip of […]

Contingent Staffing Success: Tips for Successfully Managing Temporary Employees

If you use temporary employees, then you know they can help you: meet critical deadlines and relieve the burden on your core employees; lower employment-related expenses and risks; increase productivity; free your staff to focus on core competencies. But to get the most from your contingent workers, you must manage them differently from your direct staff.  Here […]