Why a Stronger Staffing Relationship Yields Better Business Results

A few days ago, I posted some creative ways to jumpstart your business in 2011.  One suggestion I made was to form a new alliance with a strategic business partner.  Why?  Because strategic business relationships can help you do more for your customers, and deliver better results for your business. But all too often, I find that […]

Effective Ways to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Rising expectations.  Looming deadlines.  Tighter budgets.  Being forced to “do more with less.” Let’s face it – we all experience some type of stress on the job.  Increased fear and uncertainty, due to recent economic events, only heighten employees’ susceptibility to the negative impact of stress.  Given that workplace stress is unavoidable, how do you […]

Creative Ways to Jumpstart Your Business in 2011

Given the long run of bleak economic news we’ve all endured these past few years, a flip of the calendar is just what the doctor ordered to get out of a rut of stale, survival-mode thinking when it comes to your business. So capitalize on the energy, enthusiasm and optimism a new year naturally generates […]

In Focus: the 21st Century Temporary

The nature of our workforce is changing. The recent recession, a truly global economy, the advent of technology that allows people to work from anywhere at any time – these factors and more have fundamentally shifted the way employers get work done.  More and more, temporary employees are becoming a permanent part of today’s workforce. […]

How to Become a Best Place to Work

by Greg Smith The new realities of this economy have challenged business executives at all levels. Uncertainties about the speed of the economic recovery, increasing government involvement, rising health care costs and the motivation of the workforce have placed management in a complicated and tenuous situation. While the challenges seem endless, one of the biggest […]